The Dimple of Doom

Lucy Woodhull
The Dimple of Doom
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Totally Bound
Release Date
December 2013
Book 1 of Samantha Lytton
Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy

Samantha Lytton is either going to end up in jail or famous. Maybe both.

Samantha, a semi-enthusiastic secretary, is getting along just fine. So what if her big Los Angeles acting career peaked at a pickle commercial, her love life is a grislier remake of Titanic, and dinner every night features Pizza Rolls. Life is great and fabulous and not terrible at all, okay?

Things start to look up when a hot accountant with the cutest dimple in the world maneuvers her into her boss's office for a little hanky-panky. Except his version of hanky-panky is stealing a priceless Picasso and some light kidnapping. Samantha gets away, kidnaps him back—thank you very much—and finally figures out this guy isn't an accountant, or an F.B.I. agent like he said. His name is Nick—or Sam, maybe—and he's a freaking international art thief. And she's one dead wannabe-actress if they can't get the bad guys to stop shooting at them.

Samantha should hate Nick/Sam, but he's sexy, funny, and can square dance better than anyone ought to in such tight pants. How can any self-respecting woman fall for a man whose name she doesn't know? Easy. He opens his not-so-wicked heart and ruins her life in the best way possible.

Between dodging criminals, Samantha learns that finding happily ever after with yourself is the first step to real contentment. A cute dimple is just the second.

Book Review by Angeli (reviewer)
Aug 01, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Hilarious novel. Honestly, I think Ms. Woodhull should be on Comedy Central.You will laugh out loud so make sure you are not at work! I was literally only on the second page I believe, when my assistant opened the door to ask what was so funny. This definitely has romance and erotica woven in, with a bit of mystery; however the humor makes itself known starting with the first page. I mean with the title alone, you sort of know where this is heading.

THE DIMPLE OF DOOM was difficult to review for me, so I will sum this up simply for readers; as a romance/erotica novel I would have most likely rated a 3 stars. When we are discussing a novel based on sheer enjoyment and humor, at least a 4 star. Let me repeat that, AT LEAST a four. Who cares about anything else, if you have so much fun reading. Thank you, Ms. Woodhull, for such an entertaining novel!
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