667 Ways to F*ck Up My Life

Lucy Woodhull
667 Ways to F*ck Up My Life
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Totally Bound
Release Date
August 2016
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Sometimes, there's nowhere to go but f*ck up…

If you love Broad City and Bridget Jones, you'll adore Dagmar Kostopoulos…and her colossal f*ck-ups.

Twenty-something Dag has always been the ‘perfect' woman. Responsible, honest to a fault, hard-working. Even her bras are no-nonsense. And for what? Her boyfriend dumps her for being boring, and her boss fires her for not sucking on his nether regions to get promoted. What's a perfectionist overachiever to do? A complete one-eighty.

To heck with rules—Dag orchestrates a spectacular fall from grace by deciding to ruin her life exactly six-hundred-sixty-six times, and finally has a little naughty fun. Some scandalous Spandex and a few bar lies later, tame little Dagmar becomes Giselle, ballsy siren.

The wild thing is…it works! Dag gets a better job and meets the sexiest man she's ever known. Well, Giselle meets him. Dagmar doesn't exist. Except that she does, and her escapades just became a ticking time bomb, one that might blow her heart to smithereens.

Join Dag for her irresistible and hilarious f*ck-ups, because every good girl needs to inject a little bad girl sizzle into her veins.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a scene of drink spiking. There are also references to drink spiking and drug-assisted rape as well as scenes of sexual harassment.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Aug 26, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Oh, what I wouldn't give to throw a middle finger to the world and embrace my inner crazy!!

Dagmar Kostopoulos has always been the good girl, but that shit is in the past. After she's fired for not blowing her boss and her boyfriend decides to move to LA without her, Dag decides to do things a little different. Day drinking, dirty sex, a barista job instead of a career in the publishing industry…and a blog to spill all the dishy deets. With the help of BFF Mel, Dag is all in!

When she meets author Yash Majumdar, she has no clue that posing as a flight attendant named Giselle will cause so much mayhem. Yash is a guy she could genuinely see herself dating, but he won't want anything to do with her once he finds out she's a big fat liar. So she keeps on keeping on, doubling down on her subterfuge and insanity. One chance coffee shop encounter changes everything Dag has dedicated her new self to, quickly and completely, and the fallout may just make an entire section of her list.

New girl-crush alert, her name is Dag and she's done gone full on funny as hell bad girl! This is the woman you want to be friends with and secretly want to emulate. From pleather bodycon clothes to disastrous attempted seduction of hot dudes, she's done being a doormat and embraces the exact opposite of the old her. Dag's decision to stop being Little Miss Nice and focus on ways to fuck her life up lead her in hysterical directions that soooo many of us can relate to. A few gems:

Dagmar Kostopoulos used to be a sheep. A rule-follower. A beige devotee. No longer. Now evildoers would face my wrath, for I had fuck-ups to perpetuate, yet I had no more fucks to give.

Mel crossed her arms over her chest. "This whole day is a mystery. Earlier, I helped you steal a cat. I told a heinous lie about an old lady. And now I'm going to assist you obtain a uniform for a job you don't have to keep a man who doesn't know your name… all while in a coffee shop strip club. Emily Post just doesn't cover days like today.

667 WAYS TO F*UCK UP MY LIFE was funny as hell from beginning to end. With a little help from her weirdo cat, her coffee shop and publishing buds, random assholes with phones ready to record every embarrassing moment for posterity, an icky icky poo family and the geekalicious Yash, every page was a look at the silly, goofball side of life that we all wish could happen after deciding to just say FUCK IT!!!

Bottom Line: This is a really fun and funny read! You'll simultaneously throw a mental "you go girl!" and clench your cheeks in sympathetic embarrassment for our heroine. Stellar job, Ms. Woodhull!
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