Friendly Fire

Megan Hart
Friendly Fire
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Carina Press
Release Date
March 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

After Agent Kendall Frasier's partner is shot in "friendly fire" during a drug bust, she agrees to take a week's vacation on a tropical island as part of her psychiatric evaluation. Sand, sun, sea—what could be better to help her work through her guilt? Even if the presence of the man responsible for the shooting, Agent Zane Vincent, seems counterproductive to her mental health.

As Kendall gets to know Zane, and realizes he feels worse about what happened than she does, it becomes impossible to hate him. And their mutual attraction becomes impossible to deny.

Kendall and Zane soon agree to put the event that brought them together in the past—and spend the present exploring their most erotic desires. Do they have a future in the real world when their week in paradise is over?

Book Review by Michelle R
Apr 10, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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In FRIENDLY FIRE, Megan Hart once again delivers rich characters readers will find fascinating and relatable. At fifty pages, this touching tale is a lot like getting to take one single bite of the best chocolate on the planet. You are left begging for more.

DEA agent Kendall Frasier has been sent to an island resort / therapeutic center to find a way to deal with the death of her partner during their last mission. He was by no means a very likeable fellow, and his death was most certainly his own fault, but that doesn't make it any easier for Kendall to forgive herself when she is the one who swore to cover his back.

Zane Vincent has been sent to the same island facility to deal with his guilt over firing the shot the agent walked into. Unable to forgive himself, the fact that Agent Frasier holds him responsible only adds to his turmoil.

Finding a way to forgive each other may be the first step in learning to forgive themselves.

Ms Hart is a master at creating interesting characters. If you want your pulse to pound, skin to crawl, stomach to clench, eyes to tear and breathe to stutter, you must pick up Hart's books. She certainly knows how to write the steamy hot love scenes, but her true genius is the unmasking of the flawed characters. Every single one spellbinds me.

And that's what made this book so frustrating. Just as I was sinking myself into Zane and Kendall, it was time to wrap the story up. The build-up of their characters compelled. Their attraction for each other further pulled me in. And then it was over.

There were many wonderful moments though, my favorite being when Kendall overheard Zane pleasuring himself in his room and she joined him on her side of the wall. The heat and the interest was there, but all their internal baggage kept them apart. Fascinating stuff.

If you are a fan of deeply interesting characters who is short on time, this is one you should look into. It will give you a tease of Megan Hart that will have you stocking your shelves with all kinds of wonderful treasures for the future. Enjoy!
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Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Jul 04, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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FRIENDLY FIRE is a well-written story, with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine, hot intense scenes, but way too short.

While on duty, Kendall's partner was killed by friendly fire. Kendall was ordered to relax at the beach and get over any guilty feelings, as she's not technically at fault. She was all ready to enjoy her time, but who else should be there but Zane Vincent, the agent who fired the fatal shot. Could Kendall work out her issues to act on the attraction that sprung up between them?

Despite the short length of the story, Kendall and Zane burrowed their way into my heart with the vulnerabilities they displayed regarding the shoot-out-gone-wrong. They're very human, working through real issues that any one of us in their situation would face. That Kendall's partner wasn't well liked by everyone helped speed the healing process, but I felt a bit shortchanged by this. Though the author took care to say that Kendall's partner wasn't a bad guy, I felt the real guilt would set in for our hero and heroine if the one who was shot was not only an agent, but a guy our protagonists liked.

Despite that, I felt the character development was done pretty well, for a short read like this story. However, I do wish this could've been longer for many reasons--to increase sexual tension, to allow the characters' relationship to develop a little more, and because Zane is a yummy, fantastic hero and I wish I could've seen more of him!

Still, FRIENDLY FIRE is worth a read, and I look forward to reading Megan Hart's longer works.
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