Clan McKinloch E-Boxed Set

Kaitlin Maitland
Clan McKinloch E-Boxed Set
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Loose ID
Release Date
July 2016
Book 1 of Clan McKinloch
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

For a limited time only, get all six books of the bestselling Clan McKinloch series for less than the price of the longest one!

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Dec 14, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This 6 book anthology of the Clan McKinloch series has some hits and some misses, with Ms. Maitland's strongest stories being her LGBT-centric ones.


When Ashton Gregory meets Air Force captain Trip on a sultry 4th of July night, the two share a steamy hookup sesh before Trip heads out to Afghanistan the next day. When he returns to St. Louis on leave that Christmas, he's stunned to see Ashton working at his family's pub, and she's just as surprised to find out he's a McKinloch…especially when Trip's brother just asked her out. But nothing else matters when what the pair feel for each other is so strong.

STARS, STRIPES & XMAS BELLS is the first story in the Clan McKinloch series and is a fast-paced short read. Ash and Trip have great chemistry, almost magical feeling. The setting goes from sultry to snowy as their relationship develops quickly despite being apart for 99% of it. I'm not usually a fan of insta-love but this was nicely done (if predictable).


Wedding planner Lucinda Davenport is pissed when the guy she'd been dating decides to marry someone else. Thankfully, her friend, bakery owner Gavin McKinloch, came to her rescue, giving her the best sex of her life and a massive love hangover she can't get over. Gavin isn't the guy to play games. He's ready to settle down and he wants a solid, steady woman by his side. Luce isn't up for another relationship failure, but staying away from Gavin just isn't an option either.

HEARTS, CANDY & CLOVER is the second book in the Clan McKinloch series and I liked this one much more than the first. Gavin and Luce had excellent chemistry that lit up the pages, making their relationship come off as organic and natural…not the insta-love of some of the other stories. Both were level headed, which made for little drama between them, and Gavin was downright dull most of the time. Luce was more fiery and social, so they balanced each other well. The sex was surprisingly sexy for such a dry story, but it still felt legit.


After 6 years of marriage and 2 kids, Stacey and Donal McKinloch have grown apart. Stacey loves her husband, but the last few years he's ignored her, and now she's filed for divorce. Donal can't imagine his life without Stacey, but he doesn't know how to make her see that what they have is worth saving.

This is book 3 in the Clan McKinloch series and I didn't like it. Stacey was an epic bitch, and I despise OW/OM storylines (though this was pretty much all OM). Donal clearly has the opportunity and even reason to see other people but stays stupidly committed to a soon to be ex-wife who thinks he a) cheated; b) is nothing but a line cook; and c) can't string a sentence together. Be like Forrest, Donal, and run.


Micah Porter and Brody Frost have been together for years, but things have been stale lately…until they meet Magdalena O'Malley during a Cardinals game. The three have an instant connection, and soon the men are inviting Nena into their bed…and their lives. With things on the rocks between the men, can Nena be the glue that holds them together?

KISS CAM CONNECTION is the 4th story in the Clam McKinloch series, and while I love me some MMF lovin', this story just pissed me off. The men were totally using Nena to salvage their own relationship, and not only was she OK with it, she basically threw herself at them. The insta-love was frustrating too, as Nena went from virgin to "I love you" within a few days. Nothing about the relationship between the 3 of them screamed equal, which just left me annoyed and frustrated.


Zoey Statham has been lusting after her friend Morrie McKinloch since she met her, so when a New Year's Eve challenge has the women hooking up, Morrie is absolutely floored. And totally confused. She never in a million years expected to fall for a woman, but she can't seem to stay away from Zoey. As hard as Morrie tries to be straight, she can't deny her feelings toward the sultry beauty.

Finding a decent lesbian romance story is like locating a delicious chocolate without the calories, a serious pipe dream. But once in awhile something good pops up, and CUPID, MARDI GRAS & AULD LANG SYNE was that read for me. This is the 5th story in the Clan McKinloch series, and it was my favorite of the bunch. The sex was outstanding and soooo hot, the girl on girl action wasn't just a novelty but a story about love, confusion, fear and trust. It was definitely the deepest of the stories in this series, and I would have enjoyed this story being even longer.

ROSES, RALLIES & BBQ - 4 stars

Ossian is the confirmed bachelor of the McKinloch family, preferring the age-old bartender tradition of keeping others' secrets and never divulging his own. Especially since his secrets involve his sexuality. After being unlucky in love, Oz meets Jax Bequette and something shifts inside of him. Jax has never considered being with a man, but something about Oz drives him insane and soon the two are inseparable. With labels like gay, straight and bisexual thrown around like Mardi Gras beads, it's enough to give both men a complex.

ROSES, RALLIES & BBQ is the 6th and final story in the Clan McKinloch series. I liked this one a lot, mostly for Oz's self awareness and unwillingness to place a label on his sexuality. Jax acted like a whiny brat sometimes, but I did like the two of them together. The sex was über erotic, and given that I don't typically read straight up (see what I did there?) MM books, I was surprised by my level of enjoyment of this story.
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