Hitched: Volume Three

Kendall Ryan
Hitched: Volume Three
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Release Date
August 2016
Book 3 of Imperfect Love
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

On the heels of her smash hit and New York Times bestselling SCREWED series, Kendall Ryan brings you HITCHED, a romantic comedy that delivers heart and heat. A NYC playboy turned business mogul has ninety days to win over the woman he's always desired in order to save his father's company. One tiny problem: She hates his guts. This is the third and final volume in the story.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Aug 06, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Ooooh! Noah has fucked up baaaaad!!!

Just when Noah started to gain Olivia's trust and convince her that the two of them might have a legit future together beyond the arranged marriage they were forced into, he does the absolute unthinkable. Now that Olivia knows the truth about the "heir clause" in their Tate & Cane company inheritance, she's about to lose her mind! Nobody cared that she didn't want to be married, no less to Noah, and nobody cares now that she doesn't want to get knocked up in the next 3 months! Feeling betrayed by both her father and her husband, Olivia is DONE giving her life to Tate & Cane, asking her to give up her body is the last straw!

Noah is devastated that Olivia's given up, but he's not going down without a fight. He'll have to pull out the big guns to make her come back and give them a chance at a future, even if it means losing their inheritance.

My own heart may be shattered at the loss of Olivia and Noah now that the Hitched trilogy is over. Talk about a serious book hangover! The ups and downs this couple has faced were funny and heartbreaking and silly and sad and so so good! Noah's foray into the realm of the insane at the end of book 2/beginning of book 3 had my jaw dropping wide open and an "Oh naw he dinnant!" coming from my lips. I really don't want to give up the goods for those who haven't read the entire series, so I'll just say that his deception was a DOOZY! But man, Olivia really should've read that contract before busting out the John Hancock, girl needs to accept some responsibility here!

The best part about the Hitched trilogy is the humor laced throughout this dramedy. Witness:

"Except that you never even asked what Olivia wanted. You just assumed. And were going to bully your way into her uterus come hell or high water."

I grit my teeth. "It wasn't like that." Except, fuck, it was. I'm the world's biggest asshole.

"You're in deep shit, Noah. Not even your magical nine-inch strawberry-flavored dick is going to save you this time."

"Yeah," I mumble. "Got it."

UGH, I love them together so much! And while the majority of the story was light and humorous, the undertone of urgency and sadness and heartbreak was still there, undiminished. I felt for them both as their struggles took a turn, relating to Olivia as only a daddy's little girl can. And one part of me was glad that the book ended when it did, but at the same time it really felt unfinished in a lot of ways. Maybe there'll be more closure for Olivia and Nate when Sterling and Camryn's story gets told!!

Bottom Line: This is a fabulous series, and one I recommend to fans of just about any erotic romance genre! Be glad they're all released now and you won't have to wait, because that was BRUTAL!
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