Why the Earl is After the Girl

Tabetha Waite
Why the Earl is After the Girl
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Etopia Press
Release Date
July 2016
Book 1 of Ways of Love
Historical Romance

A missing heirloom. A stolen inheritance. Can love conquer mistrust?
Athena Hawthorne never imagined that she would lose everything she'd ever had. But after the death of her father, his prosperous jewelry store is sold off to pay his supposed debts. Athena, now destitute, embarks on a mission to discover the truth, but circumstances force her to accept an offer from a handsome stranger to work as a governess.
Orion Ashcroft, Earl of Rockford, is convinced that Athena is a grasping thief who stole a priceless family heirloom, the rare sapphire known as the Couleur Magnifique. When he offers his assistance, he only intends to catch her in some nefarious scheme. But he soon discovers that keeping his distance-and his sanity-around the beautiful Athena isn't as easy as he'd planned.

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Jan 23, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Athena Hawthorne is shocked to learn that she is now penniless. Her father had a very successful jewelry design business, but upon his death, their attorney informed her that he had substantial debts to be paid off, even hinting that they may be gambling debts. As a bewildered Athena struggles with her uncertain future, she is approached by a gentleman who offers her a job as governess to his young niece and nephew. Not knowing how this strange coincidence came about, Athena has little choice but to accept the offer. Little does she know that the gentleman, Orion "Rion" Ashcroft, Earl of Rockford, engineered this meeting.

Rion's recently deceased, and much beloved, grandmother took a valuable family heirloom piece of jewelry to Athena's father to be repaired. The jewel was never returned, and Rion believes that Athena and her father stole it. He schemed to offer Athena the job at his sister's home so that he could watch her, and either find out what she did with the jewel, or catch her in another scheme in order to have her arrested.

Surprisingly, Athena falls in love with the two children in her care and integrates beautifully into the household. Cass, Rion's sister, is party to his scheme, but finds herself believing Athena innocent of any wrongdoing as they become better acquainted. Since Rion spends a significant amount of time at his sister's home, he sees a lot of Athena. Despite his belief that she is a thief, he can't help his strong attraction to her, and Athena feels the same desire.

As Rion and Athena succumb to their craving for each other, (albeit at a very undesirable time and place) it seems that there is someone from Athena's past who is determined to seek revenge. It becomes apparent that she is in extreme danger, yet she doesn't use the best judgment in trying to keep herself safe. Meanwhile, Rion is fighting his deepening feelings for Athena, while he still has his doubts, causing him to vacillate between hot and cold, sometimes being cruel in his comments and actions.

Overall, my first experience reading author Tabetha Waite was positive. I enjoyed her smooth writing and believable dialogue. WHY THE EARL IS AFTER THE GIRL has a lot of steam and mystery, and was an enjoyable read which concluded with a tantalizing tease into book two of this series, which I plan to add to my TBR list. Rating: 3.5 stars
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