If Not for the Ruined Stockings

Mila York
If Not for the Ruined Stockings

Mila York
Release Date
January 2017
Erotic Romance

As sexy as it is romantic, with witty dialogue and vivid imagery, ‘If Not for the Ruined Stockings' is an easy and delicious read. No matter how many erotic novels you've read before, I welcome you to enjoy a sudden and delicious turn-on that – I hope - you'll experience more than once while reading it. Since I don't want you to settle for less and miss an entire range of emotions and sensations that lie beyond a three-minute porn movie, you'll have to be patient and allow me enough time to build the sexual tension between the main characters, Ellie and Darrien. Only then, the power of my creativity - combined with your imagination - will result in an explosive and long-awaited release.
You'll have to be forgiving while Ellie tells you the story of her past with Sam, a jerk that she can't seem to get over, despite the unpleasant feelings it may stir up in you. In return, you will get to meet the devilishly sexy and self-assured Mr. Leighton, the scandal management guru who helps his clients conceal dirty laundry and avoid public disgrace at all costs. Together with Ellie, you'll get to question his moral principles and fall in love with his evil charm. Together with Ellie, you'll get to be in the room when he first touches her and engages her mind and body in an erotic game.
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