V. E. Campudoni


Beau To Beau Publishings
Release Date
July 2016
Book 4 of The Masked Emotions Series
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, New Adult

The King of S&M kicks it up a notch in LUSTING, Book 4 of the Masked Emotions series.

Enzio opens the New York Looking Glass to rave reviews, offering the best in the world of S&M, including the infamous Dom 241. Lana begged him to stay in Seattle, but he refused to be hurt by her again and simply wants to remain friends. Determined to be with him, Lana learns more about his world from one of the best Mistresses at The Looking Glass, and quickly becomes one of the best Subs in the world. She is a natural, unbreakable, which intrigues Enzio, who knows her only by her alter ego, as she wears a mask whenever she is in the club and speaks with a British accent. A show with her would be perfect for his club, so he asks Lana about her, causing Lana to become jealous of her alter ego and ponder if this was the same emotional turmoil Enzio was facing back then.

Lochlan began initiating his plan at full force and he do not care about the path of destruction he will leave behind. He is tired of playing it safe and he needs to act fast as all of the lies are starting to close in and nothing will stop him in obtaining his ultimate goal. The total and absolute control of the Syndicate and the eradication of Raul Ortiz and Donnie O'Shea.

Two worlds are about to collide and when the smoke clears who will be left standing?


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