Erin Trejo
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Erin Trejo
Release Date
March 2016
Book 1 of Fallen Angel's MC
MC Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Creed doesn't have his life mapped out but he knows he has a family in Jason and Jada, his neighbors. They always accepted him for who he was.

One fatal mistake takes his best friend Jason away from him. Leaving his sister Jada behind to pick herself up, Creed seeks solace in her. Jada gives in to her feelings for Creed to only have them crushed when he leaves.

Creed moves on with his life, which isn't the best life possible. He finds a new family with the Fallen Angel's Motorcycle Club. They become the family he lost. Taking risks, he doesn't care about his life anymore until Jada falls into his clubhouse one fateful night.

After he learns her involvement with a rival, Creed wants her safe but he knows he can never be the man she needs.

Will he save himself and Jada? Or will they both lose everything forever?

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Sep 19, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A death changes both of their lives and drives them apart. He finds a new family in his MC. She finds herself with a dangerous lover. When they are brought back together, danger surrounds them. Can they reclaim their love and avoid more destruction?

Creed was the bad boy that all the girls wanted. His best friend was Jason and he kept him from going too far. The one problem was his feelings for Jason's sister, Jada. He wanted Jada but Jason kept them apart. When Jason dies, everything breaks apart. After one night together, he leaves her in order to protect her and let her live a better life than what he can give her. He joins a MC and lives a life focused on violence. Death no longer matters to him until he sees her again and knows he has to stay alive to save her.

Jada loves her brother deeply. She also loved Creed. When Jason died and Creed leaves her, her life takes a dramatic change. Suddenly on her own, she gets involved with a dangerous man. He is part of an MC that does not value women and she is treated like property with no respect. When she sees Creed again, those old feelings resurface. She knows it is too dangerous to leave her boyfriend but can't resist the man she has always loved.

CREED is a dark story. Creed's decent into this violent lifestyle is made very clear by an early interaction with a woman. He shows her no respect and it was disturbing to me. Jada is also with a very depraved individual who sells her body so he can profit. He injects her with drugs to keep her under control. There was only one really noble member of the club, and that person is a friend of Creed. The rest of the characters are not only unkind to one another but cruel and quick to use someone. While I know that there are these kinds of individuals in clubs, I think it is important to have the main character possess more integrity than what Creed demonstrated. The early scene with him forcing a sexual act on a woman really turned me off and I never could see him in a really heroic way after that encounter.

I also had a hard time finding much respect for Jada. She seems like such a victim. She continued to allow her boyfriend to abuse her and became a prostitute. The history provided showed she had been ready to go to college and we later learn about a good friend she had too, so why didn't she ever try to get out of the situation? When she takes delight in Creed hurting another woman's feelings, I see more ugliness than good in her. It was hard to find anyone to root for in the book.

I have enjoyed darker characters in the romances I have read. The important factor for me was that they have some integrity. Creed is a character that did not inspire me. His abuse of women really disturbed me. It seems too easy for him to turn on people or leave them. Jada has that victim mentality and never tries to be more. The author tries to show a more heroic side to Creed when he takes risks to save Jada. If that earlier abuse had not been in there, it would have worked better for me. If you want a more darker MC romance, this book is good for you. I don't need perfection but abusing women is something that just doesn't work for me. I would be interested in reading other books by the author to see if her other characters might be a better fit for me.
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