Catch Me

Alianne Donnelly
Catch Me
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Release Date
October 2016
Book 1 of The Rebel Court
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance

As the most loyal of Snow White's dedicated Rebel Court, Haig Cavanaugh has never failed to complete a mission. Now that the war is over, he might be spending his time on far more pleasurable pursuits, but a soldier never truly stops being a soldier. When Snow White once again calls on her trusted allies, Haig is ready and willing to answer.

There's only one problem. His partner for this task is the Huntsman's beautiful daughter, Aislin and to her, mixing business with pleasure is a totally foreign concept. Happily, their mission leads into the depths of the mysterious Elderwood, where all sorts of things have been known to happen. The nights are warm, the ground is soft, and Haig happens to be a very practical kind of guy. Who cares if he's the hunter or the prey? All that matters is that he gets Aislin naked and willing in his arms in the end. And that she doesn't find out what their mission really entails…

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Jan 14, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Alianne Donnelly's CATCH ME is a new take on a fairytale, after the fact. In this case, the kingdom of Snow White is run more like a corporation with all the trappings of technology mixed with a bit of magic; and instead of the seven dwarves, we have Snow's dedicated Rebel Court filled with soldiers. When Snow calls upon Haig Cavanaugh to complete a mission for her (and it's a good one!), he's given the Huntress as his partner. Let the sparks fly.

There's so many aspects to this story that I enjoyed. Haig is an absolute scoundrel AND flirt, and Aislin is his exact opposite with the exception that they are both excellent warriors. The verbal sparring that takes place between these two was grand fun to read and I loved Haig's flirting (total Casanova). The trip into the mysterious Elderwood to complete their mission was like crossing over into an entirely different world where technology doesn't exist and the bogeyman does. And there's some laugh out loud funny lines: "Ugh! Who said s**t like that? Even at his worst, when he'd been out of his head with fever from infected war wounds, Haig had dropped better lines than that. Of course, he'd dropped them to Declan, thinking the Ravenskin healer was a buxom elf with somewhat mannish hands, but that was completely beside the point."

As Haig and Aislin continue on their mission, the sparks fly throughout and there's some delicious scenes between the two that will have you hoping for their happily ever after assuming Aislin will accept the completion of Snow's quest. But you'll have to read the story to find out.
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