Alaskan Sorcerer

Lynne Tierney
Alaskan Sorcerer
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
September 2016
Contemporary Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult Romance

Kaarina Sajantila fled her small Alaskan village and her shamanic studies when she turned eighteen. She has come home to find her missing brother and solve the mystery of who is terrorizing the town and forcing people to flee for their lives. She is looking for answers not love.

Warren Kyinauk is taking a break from his detective duties, scuba diving and discovering the secrets hidden in the watery depths surrounding the island. Despite his mistrust of shaman's, he is drawn to Kaarina and her deep loyalty to her town and family.

Together they battle evil on land and sea, but it is Kaarina who must risk her life on the astral plane. Fearful of losing control she must learn to trust and let go in order to save herself and her village. With time running out will she be able to vanquish the evil and find love?

Book Review by Elizabeth Ramsay (reviewer)
Nov 17, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Kaarina Sajantila has come home to the Alaskan fishing village of Klatala. Kaarina has returned home because her brother is missing and most of the villagers have fled. The trouble started with the mysterious murder of the island's cats. The perpetrator has since upgraded to murder, however, as the interruption of a soul retrieval ritual caused a man's death. Shortly after the failed ceremony, the islanders fled as they felt it was clear that an evil shaman was at work and that their own shaman didn't have the power to protect them. Kaarina's brother Clay took a helicopter out in the hopes of tracking down the perpetrator but he's been missing for three days.

When Kaarina arrives, she meets Warren Kyinauk a retired cop and current P.I. Warren is on the island on vacation but once it becomes clear that something has happened to Clay, he is willing to lend Kaarina his expert help is finding the evil shaman. To defeat the bad guy Kaarina will have to confront the reason she fled from Klatala. She will also have to embrace her heritage and become the shaman she was always meant to be. Can she relearn her magic in time or will the rival shaman take over Klatala?

Lynn Tierney makes some unique choices when she emulates the voice of Native American writers. Ms. Tierney writes in a stream of consciousness style that seems to be meant to read like Native oral storytelling. This has been done quite well by writers such as Wab Kinew. However, much of the novel skips over important scenes and then has the main characters narrate them in retrospect as they relive them. Ms. Tierney may have been better to have started her novel after the events of the story if this was how she wished to tell it. As it stands, the current method of narration alienates the reader and makes the novel impossible to read in a single sitting. The idea of Native shamans battling it out for control of an island could create an action packed suspense romance and there are hints of this throughout the novel.
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