Royally Screwed

L J Vickery
Royally Screwed
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
August 2016
Book 5 of Immortals
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

Huxley Abelard lives and fights alongside the immortals of the Blue Hills as a human, but he's always felt something…more. A prophecy foretells that a mortal will ascend to become a god in the Underworld, but Hux's wicked past could cost him the throne and the sexy doctor who haunts his days and nights. He can't imagine a decent woman wanting a man who has done the things he's done to survive.

Doctor Dani-Lee Whitehill has loved and lusted for Huxley since the first moment she laid eyes on him. Unfortunately, he's made it quite clear that, although he's attracted to her, he'd rather cut off his male parts than get them anywhere near her. She's willing to play by his hands-off rules, but desire may quickly erode her patience and when it does, Hux could be royally screwed.

Book Review by Elizabeth Ramsay (reviewer)
Sep 01, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The Mesopotamian Gods live among us!

Huxley (Hux) Abelard is the human little brother of two newly minted goddesses. New goddesses are created when the amulets the gods are born with are shared with their Chosen. Hux has always believed there is some greater destiny calling him. When he learns that not only is he a distant descendant of Enlil but the grandson of Shulmanu, he instantly becomes elevated to the status of prince as he becomes next in line to the throne after the current ruler Nergal. Hux has mixed feelings about this revelation as it seems to him one more person has abandoned him. Not to mention as a god, how will he ever be able to have a relationship with Dani Lee Whitehill, the gods' very human doctor?

The novel's actions center around the quest to recover Nergal's kidnapped Queen Ereshkigal. Eresh has been kidnapped by Nergal's former secretary Beletseri who wishes to rule the Underworld. Since the gods can all sense each other because of the energy they emit, they are stuck relying on Hux and Dani Lee to find Eresh before Beletseri finishes with her and disposes of her. Will they be able to find the Queen in time?

The novel starts off quite slowly but this is mainly because it ties in with the action of the previous books. LJ Vickery does a good job of bringing new readers up to speed without overly bogging down in repetitive information. The use of Beletseri's rebellion to tie the novels together likely helps in this regard. Once readers are brought up to speed, the pace picks up and the novel becomes a compulsive race to the finish.

Hux's past is dealt with in a surprisingly enlightened manner that is rarely seen in genre fiction. Such incidents are usually the sole domain of female characters and are often poorly handled. Ms. Vickery does a lovely job of turning gender conventions on their head while dealing sensitively with a delicate topic. A great read and if you like mythology at all you must check it out!
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