Sefton Manor

Cait O'Sullivan
Sefton Manor
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
September 2016
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Sefton Manor, a country house that has somehow withstood the ravages of time, holds the key to Martha Kendall's dysfunctional family. Asked by her grandmother to uncover the truth about her missing Aunt, Martha comes to Buckhurst Village and starts to ask questions. Questions that lead her to Will Fellowes, a famous musician whose family tended the grounds of Sefton Manor for centuries.

Amidst whispers of pacts with the Devil, they pair up to wrestle the secret from the house and their growing feelings for each other.

Book Review by Elizabeth Ramsay (reviewer)
Sep 16, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Martha must defeat the ghosts of the past.

Martha Kendall is a doctor. Her Grandmother Lucinda fled from Sefton Manor when her mother Poppy was three years old. Now near death, Martha's Grandmother has begun having nightmares about the Manor. Martha is compelled to investigate and put this horror to rest so that Lucinda can be at peace.

Will Fellowes is the grandson of the gardener of Sefton Manor. His grandfather Ben disappeared around the same time that Lucinda ran off. Lucinda's husband always claimed that they ran away together but Will's grandmother never believed it. Still, something terrible happened and it has been left to Will and Martha to find out what. Can they discover the dark secret of Sefton Manor or will it destroy them?

SEFTON MANOR is a faced paced suspense novel. The Manor looms over the story and devours it. It would be nice to see more development of the characters. This is very much a setting-centered story and the rest of the story gets lost in the central focus on the Manor. It feels like the reader has been given the bare bones of the story without the flesh. If you like suspense fiction, it is a nice, quick read. Check out SEFTON MANOR for a fast story about a spooky house.
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