Drummer Girl

Andi Bremner
Drummer Girl
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
July 2016
Book 2 of Moonstone
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, New Adult

Shawna Gill, drummer for the all girl band Moonstone is hiding a shameful secret she can't let anyone find out about...

When an opportunity comes up to play drums on The Lairs new album, Shawna jumps at the chance. Her passion in life is playing percussion. But performing with The Lair means spending time with Adam Wilson, their sexy, arrogant, lead singer who seems determined to antagonize her at every turn.

But as their hate slowly turns into a passion neither of them expected, Shawna is torn between choosing what her heart wants and losing what she has sacrificed everything for. And worse too, her secret could come out and she could lose the one person more important to her than anything.

Book Review by Elizabeth Ramsay (reviewer)
Sep 16, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Shawna discovers that mistakes don't define you in DRUMMER GIRL.

Shawna has always been drawn to music. She loves to play the drums and her all-girl band Moonstone is going places. Unfortunately, her family isn't. They have her life all planned out and it doesn't include rock and roll. She's an adult, at college getting her degree but to her mother, she'll always be the fifteen-year-old who made an embarrassing mistake. Then on her way to church she runs into Adam.

Adam is the lead singer for The Lair, a famous rock band. When Adam manages to drive off their drummer Ryan, Shawna gets a chance to play with them. As Adam and Shawna spark off against each other, Adam begins to break down Shawna's shields and falls for her. Yet, just when it looks like Shawna can have the life and man she's always dreamed of, her parents lay down the law. Can Adam save his girl or will Shawna's teenage mistake trap her forever?

Andi Bremner draws a thin line between teenage rebellion and finding oneself. Shawna is not a rebel, in spite of her parents' thoughts to the contrary; she is instead a young woman finding her feet in this crazy world. DRUMMER GIRL is a coming of age story. It explores how we let the past shape the future and how to escape that cycle when it becomes toxic. The language is simple and the characters are raw, but emotions are raw. If you want a book about overcoming adversity and achieving your dreams, then check out DRUMMER GIRL.
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