Samantha Stone
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
July 2017
Book 4 of Crescent City Creatures
Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

Cael will never take a mate. After accidentally hurting the only woman he's ever loved, he believes it unsafe for him to ever touch a woman again.
Aiyanna doesn't care. For years, she's wanted him, only to be rejected at every turn. It stings every time he turns her away, but letting him go would only hurt worse.
When vampires come to New Orleans for the first time in decades, problems between Cael and Aiyanna seem small in comparison to the danger now facing the thousands of humans celebrating Mardi Gras. Only together do they have a chance to defeat the new creatures threatening the entire city, including Cael's werewolf pack.
Healed brings the Crescent City Creatures together again in an installment filled with danger, revelations, and love.

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Sep 21, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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He loves her but he will never risk another woman. He pays his penance for killing the woman he loved. She is a healer but can't seem to heal his wounds or her broken heart. She has loved him for years and knows he deserves love. With more danger than ever in the city, can these two find the truth that will save them?

Cael is a shifter who has served his sentence for over a century for losing control and killing his lover. He does not believe he deserves a second chance. He has been friends with Aiyanna who helps heal the pack from their many injuries but knows she is really his mate. Cael fights his feelings for Aiyanna in fear that he will hurt her too. As the pack faces more danger, he has to make some hard decisions and take some risks that really terrify him and make him fear for the woman he loves. He is a protector and he really can't deal with the thought of causing harm to anyone he cares about. Cael doesn't seem to understand just how much he has been hurting Aiyanna by keeping his distance.

Aiyanna is a shifter who also has the rare ability to heal others. She gives all of herself to help others in need. She has loved Cael for years and tried to get him to take a chance on love with her. Aiyanna really feels that it is time for them to move forward or be apart. She knows the pack needs her skills more than ever but her heart is breaking with each encounter with Cael. She has to make some tough choices too. I have a lot of respect for her. She goes for what she wants. She takes the hard risks that endanger herself in order to save others. Aiyanna is just as much of a protector as Cael.

This is the fourth book in the Crescent City Creatures series. It is a series that has become a favorite for me. I love the mix of shifters, fairies, sirens, banshees, witches, and warlocks that live in New Orleans and try so hard to hide their magical abilities from the humans that outnumber them. In this book, the author adds vampires to the mix for the first time. The story moves back and forth between other characters who have been part of the series and keeps the suspense building regarding the threats they face in the future. This book brings the clan valuable information they did not have and continues the buildup for the upcoming battle with the warlocks.

I would highly recommend reading the books in order. The books build upon one another and many characters who are part of the story were introduced in the previous books. Knowing that history really enriches the story and adds to your enjoyment. Cael and Aiyanna have been favorites of mine for awhile. She has tried to seduce him so often but can't seem to make progress. He has been determined to keep his distance to protect her. Now, they get a chance at the happiness so many of their friends have found if they are willing to take some big risks.

While the romance between Cael and Aiyanna is a major storyline, other characters continue to be a big focus of the story too. I suspect a certain former warlock is getting a story soon. It is a great mix of action and romance and the author keeps everything moving at a fact pace. This book continues the buildup for the upcoming major battle with the warlocks and you will definitely want to read the next book to see what is next for the clan and the characters you have grown to care about.
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