The Final Calling

Angela Colsin
The Final Calling
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Angela Colsin
Release Date
June 2016
Book 5 of The Crucible Series
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

Prophecies, tyrants, assassins, and exiled royalty aren't the things Edith Walsh thought she'd be dealing with when her training as a mage apprentice began. Her main focus is becoming an enchantress by completing the Final Calling—a grand scavenger hunt all apprentices undertake to gather items needed to craft their coveted staff and gain eternal life.

This challenge can prove lethal if care isn't taken to watch one's steps. But making matters worse, Edith has also been marked for death by the Steward of the Perosian Empire, a tyrant named Rothario, all because of a pesky prophecy made centuries before her birth foretelling his demise at her hands.

So what's a mage to do? Simple; accept the assistance of a sexy Perosian who's dealt with Rothario's minions for as long as he can remember. Yet Isaac wants far more than Edith's safety—she's his mate, and his fiery gaze, wicked tongue, and shameless seductions inflame her more intensely than she's ever known.

Convicted of murdering the imperial family of Perosia, Isaac's spent centuries as a fugitive hunted by a homeland he doesn't recall. But his ruthless talent for survival serves him well, and there's nothing he won't do to protect Edith from the forces threatening her life, even if it means sacrificing his own.

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Nov 08, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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She is an apprentice tasked with a dangerous mission to reach her goal of becoming an enchantress. She will need all her energy and focus to gather the required items and any help she can get to be successful. There is a demon who has been waiting for her for centuries. The last couple of years have made him know his mate is near and the sexual dreams drive him insane. A vow has kept him from contacting her. Now, he has a chance to be near her and convince her to be his mate. He will do anything he can to help her succeed and keep her safe, even if it kills him.

Edith is a newcomer to the magical world. She entered it recently after finding out her friend was not a human (in the second book in the series). She had a really tough childhood and was a loner. Magic seems right for her and gives her a confidence she never had before. She has a mentor that she respects and has given her the mother figure she has long desired. When it is revealed that she also has a mate, who is a demon, it really surprises her. She wasn't looking for a mate but her demon is not going to let her go.

Isaac is a demon and a former prince. He was sentenced to a hellish time in The Pit and had his memories forcibly removed. He was freed centuries ago and has since worked with a draconian mercenary who is a good friend. He is very sarcastic and likes to use a lot of vulgar language. He is not an easy man but he is devoted to those he cares about. There is no one he cares more about than his mate. He has searched for her for centuries and is eager for the wait to be over. When he meets Edith, he works hard to tempt her to be with him.

Edith and Isaac make an unusual couple. She is a virgin and he loves to talk about sex and make her blush. There is some really funny dialogue between them. Issac helps break Edith out of her shell and she in turn helps him become less bitter and more balanced. The author really develops their relationship as they work together to find the items she needs for her magical quest.

My favorite parts of the series are the well developed characters, the strong females, and the time the author takes to develop the relationships. These three elements are present throughout the series. Edith is a young woman that was very insecure. After her father died, she was left in the care of an alcoholic stepmother who cared nothing for her. She had a hard time connecting to others and only one true friend who she found out was part of the supernatural world. Magic has given her confidence and she will need it as she meets her mate. Isaac would run all over her if she wasn't strong (even if he didn't mean to do so). She really needed that time to grow before meeting her mate. As she focuses on her task with his assistance, she gets to know more about Isaac and discover the side he hides from others.

Isaac has suffered so much during his punishment and is still being restrained from his true abilities. He is incredibly strong to survive so much and his harder surface and crude remarks makes a great deal of sense with the personal history the author provides.

I highly recommend The Crucible series to those who love their paranormal romances with a good balance of action and adventure. Each book in the series introduces you to characters that are featured in later books so it is great if you can read them in order. Edith was introduced in the second book in the series and works to grow her magical abilities and meets her mate in this fourth edition to the series. Her mate, Isaac, is a demon with a very painful past. He has waited centuries for her and is determined to keep her safe and happy. The characters are very well developed and it is easy to connect to the story and enjoy watching them fall in love. There is a lot of humor in this one as Isaac loves to say the craziest things to Edith. The author has truly built a great series that offers a fun adventure for those who love the paranormal.
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Book Review by Dawn (reviewer)
Nov 23, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Who knew a demon could be such a charmer? Umm... I did!

I have been a fan of Isaac, our sharp-tongued demon, since he first appeared earlier in the series. We learned of the prophecy regarding his mate and even met the woman in a previous book. Well, now it's finally time for Isaac to meet his mate. And their union was just as fun as I hoped it would be.

Isaac has waited a long time for this. I mean centuries. He has known that his prophesied eternal partner would be Chandra's first apprentice. The problem is, Chandra had yet to take an apprentice despite his constant encouraging her to do so. Until now.

Edith is new to magic and preparing to begin her Calling, a final challenge that will make or break her magical future. And the mage-in-training has no idea that she is also about to be saddled with a salacious demon that sees her in his lust-filled dreams. Their meeting is full of sparks, both demonic and magical.

The road ahead is anything but easy as Edith's magical puzzle is only one part of the equation. A vicious ruler, stalking brutes, and shadow creatures are bent on destroying the couple and preventing the prophecy from coming true. They will have to travel across realms, battle crones, and bargain with a dragon along the way.

This book was a blast! I didn't want it to end. Isaac and Edith's chemistry sizzled and so did the love scenes. Heck, nearly every scene that they were in together was steamy. Not to mention, hilarious. I laughed the entire time at Isaac's jokes and lewd humor. Fantastic. Just fantastic.

In closing...
This book is my favorite of the series! Isaac and Edith were such a great couple to read about. I am so happy that the next book of the series will be released soon! Five naughty stars!
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