Rogue for a Night

Jenna Petersen
Rogue for a Night
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Release Date
March 2011
Book 2 of Stoneworth
Historical Romance

Ronan "Rage" Riley first met Lucinda Stoneworth when she was the wife of his best friend's brother and knew she was out of reach, no matter how bewitching she was. But now she's been a widow for two years and they find themselves at the same country party. Attraction leads to a wicked affair, but could a proper lady of the ton really find a happily ever after with a former underground boxer? Or will Society end their love forever?

Book Review by CarolAnn
Apr 25, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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ROGUE FOR A NIGHT, Jenna Petersen's follow up novella to her novel Her Notorious Viscount is a tender and heart-warming story of two people from different worlds who must overcome their own uncertainties before they can find true happiness.

Managing part of the estate of his friend Nicholas, Viscount Stoneworth, is a far cry from Ronan ‘Rage' Riley's humble beginnings and his former life as a pugilist in London's underworld. Now he frequently mixes with the wealthy and the elite but he never feels at ease in ‘the trappings of a gentleman'. When Nicholas's wife, Jane, returns from a trip to London, she is accompanied by the woman who has haunted his dreams for so many years, Lucinda Stoneworth. He had wanted her from the first moment he saw her!

Lucinda has devoted her life to her children since her husband, Anthony, died two years ago. Her sister-in-law, Jane, convinces her that she needs a little time to herself and persuades Lucinda to spend a few weeks with her and Nicholas at their estate. Rather reluctantly, she agrees. Lucinda is surprised to find that Ronan Riley is also staying. Although she has met him a few times before, she cannot understand why meeting him now leaves her thrown off balance.

Unable to deny their growing mutual attraction, they soon fall headlong into a passionate affair. Their feelings for each other deepen but can there ever be any long-term future for two people from such different worlds?

I absolutely loved this novella! There are no dangers threatening the hero and heroine and no great hidden secrets, just a captivating story of two people falling in love. However, there are obstacles to overcome because the story has one of my favourite scenarios: the hero and heroine are from different social worlds.

I adore Ronan because he is the quintessential hero -- honorable, caring, and the fact that he is still a little rough around the edges makes him even sexier. His idea of venting his frustrations is to indulge in a no holds barred bout of bare-chested fisticuffs with Nicholas. I love Jane's reaction when she finds them fighting:

Jane sighed and stomped across the room, putting herself between them. "Gentlemen, corners!" she snapped.

Ronan's honorable nature is reflected in the way in which, although attracted to Lucinda in the past, he never pursued her because she was married to his best friend's brother. Whenever they make love, he is always careful to protect her from becoming pregnant.

I love the little touches such as the way his gaze follows Lucinda up the stairs, his fear of her reaction when he first kisses her and his nervousness about meeting her children for the first time. They make him so endearing.

I find Lucinda delightful and really think she deserves a second chance at love. I can certainly understand why she is initially intrigued by Ronan because he is totally different from any man within her social circle. At first, she's taken by surprise by her attraction to him:

And yet today the slightest brush of his hand in hers had made her stomach do flips and she felt hot and strange. Perhaps this was a fever brought on by travel?

When Ronan tells her that they can never have anything more than this affair between them, it is easy to feel her hurt which is made even more acute because she thinks Ronan has indulged in the affair because he pities her. I admire her for being willing to openly declare her love for Ronan regardless of the consequences and her words to him are so poignant:

"I have learned the hard way that love is fleeting. In a moment, it can be snatched away and leave only pain and heartache. But it is worth the risk, worth any risk. So I won't hide it or lie about it. I want to celebrate it and feel it and share it and proudly declare it any time I desire to do so. Otherwise I'll lead only a half-life."

I think Ms Petersen excels in writing the love scenes because she succeeds in combining sensuality with a mood of intimacy. It made me believe that the affair is not just about sex:

They made love and afterward they lay together and talked in the firelight about their lives, about her children, even about the mundane activities of the day.

The Epilogue is a charming touch because it brings the story to a satisfying conclusion.

If a gorgeously romantic story with a gorgeous hero and an endearing heroine appeals to you, then you will certainly enjoy ROGUE FOR A NIGHT.
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