Lullaby Lake

Garnell Wallace
Lullaby Lake


Butterfly Books
Release Date
September 2016
Contemporary Romance, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Their haunted pasts could put an end to their future.

Leaving her high profile, tumultuous marriage was the hardest thing Jade Lopez had ever done. Under a cloud of scandal that became tabloid gold, she moves back to her hometown in South Florida, with their seven-year-old daughter Isabella and the memories of a love she'd thought would last forever.
The façade she'd called a life begins to crumble under her family's questions and her strict Chinese mother I-told-you-so eyes. Jade had always fought to define who she was, but she'd never thought abuse and divorce would be part of it.
Nor could she have imagined that the last night of her senior year in high school, an act of kindness down at Lullaby Lake, would now come back to destroy her.

Jade's leaving was a wake-up call for her husband Gabriel. A famous Cuban musician, living in the limelight had become his passion-until he's forced to live without his wife and child. He tries to repair their fragile relationship by moving back home to Florida and the past he'd rather leave behind. He and Jade had both continued the violent history of his childhood, but he's ready to give his life in order to give her a better one with their daughter.

Through anger, bitterness and a fiery passion they've never been able to deny, Gabriel and Jade must fight their own demons to find a love that is strong enough to conquer everything, even a supernatural stalker, and the darkness lurking in Lullaby Lake
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