Returning for Valentine's

Victoria Pinder
Returning for Valentine's

Love in a Book
Release Date
December 2014
Contemporary Romance

Nathan loves Beth, though he's never believed she loved him. He left to get over her, and on Valentine's Day he decided to risk everything, including his heart, and tell her.

Beth lost her heart to Nathan Sommers years ago. After a night at a friend's wedding, he took off. She tried to move on, with a guy who she could't love, but that didn't work out. Now that it's Valentine's Day, she's determined to go out and find her true love. Speed dating is better than no dating.

Why would Nathan show up now? Can she believe in love and happy ever after? And what will his mother do next to her if she lets him in?

Book Review by Robin Leigh Morgan (author,reviewer)
Sep 10, 2016
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Beth and Nathan have always been close, from being mere friends since their childhood to each having a secret love for each other in middle school. With a relationship like this one would assume it would go all the way to a HEA, but unfortunately with his being unable to admit his love for Beth, and her waiting and therefore questioning whether Nathan in fact loved her, their relationship ended at a mutual friend's wedding where they both got drunk and wound up sleeping together. The next morning Nathan had vanished leaving Beth to wonder whether she had some been the cause.

Beth tried to move on by seeing someone else, but with Nathan still on her mind, she knew she couldn't love him. I wasn't disappointed when, a year later, both of them decided to sign up for a speed dating Valentine's Day event: in fact I practically anticipated fate would step in to mend their relationship.

When I read about Nathan's showing up, with all the women there awed by his appearance that he only had his eyes set on reconnecting with Beth, and had been determined to make it happen as well, I couldn't help relating Nathan's feelings towards Beth the moment he saw her to a song of my childhood by the Duprees, which began playing in my mind. If you read the lyrics of their version of "You Belong to Me" you'll see why I made the connection:

See the pyramids along the Nile
Watch the sun rise on a tropic isle
Just remember, darling, all the while
You belong to me.

See the marketplace in old Algiers
Send me photographs and souvenirs
But remember when a dream appears
You belong to me.

I'll be so alone without you
Maybe you'll be lonesome too, and blue

Fly the ocean in a silver plane
Watch the jungle when it's wet with rain
Just remember till you're home again
You belong to me

Once they're together again, in practically no time, they've become a loving couple with their HEA coming around the corner.

For giving her readers, a fast paced second chance, short story; I'm giving Ms. Pinder 5 STARS.
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