Noble Guardian

Khloe Wren
Noble Guardian
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Khloe Wren
Release Date
February 2016
Book 2 of Fire and Snow
Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

After watching his older brother win the heart of his mate, Conner White can't wait for his turn. When he finally begins to dream of his mate he is both relieved that he knows who she is and worried as he hasn't been able to get near her since he caught a glimpse of her at his brother's wedding weeks earlier.

Tina Anderson is beyond miserable. Her mother abandoned her after a life altering injury that left the vibrant gymnast in a wheelchair. Her father has been forced to leave her to go work off shore. She's been left in the care of a harsh bitter woman who is only after her father and will do whatever she deems necessary to take her place in his life. No matter the cost.

Conner and Tina's road to happiness is filled with twists, turns and pot holes, but are they strong enough to pull each other through it all?
*Previously released in 2014 as Cinderella's Guardian*

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Feb 01, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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He dreams of his mate and waits eagerly for the day they meet in person. When he finds her, he worries for her safety. She is disabled and at the mercy of a cruel woman. They don't realize just how dangerous she is at first. It will take the support and protection of his family and friends to keep her safe.

Conner is the younger son of the leader of the snow leopard community. He works with the others at the fire station and is really devoted to helping others. He watched his older brother recently find his mate and has kept his dreams a secret. When he finally meets Tina and needs their help, he opens up to his family. I liked the fact that he was so honest with his mate from the very beginning. He is really new to relationships and he felt he should wait for his mate. It is an unusual choice in most paranormal romances. This decision fits with the rest of his personality and his noble desires.

Tina is a young woman who has lost a lot recently. She was training to be a gymnast when she has an accident that put her into a wheelchair. Her mom abandons her at that point. Her father's job keeps him away most of the time so he jumps at the offer of a member of the community to help his daughter. This woman is very disturbed and wants to use this as an opportunity to get him. She treats Tina horribly and does everything she can to keep her from Conner or any one else who might reveal her actions. Tina is scared and feeling very alone. She is not in a good frame of mind and Conner is the only thing that keeps her going. She really needs a protector and Conner is the perfect choice for her. He gives her hope.

This is the second book in the Fire and Snow series which is a paranormal romance series featuring a group of snow leopard shifters finding their mates. The males begin to dream of their mate when their mate reaches adulthood and they must use the information from those dreams to find them. They also have the ability to interact with their mates in their shared dreams. It may take years for them to locate their mate and those years are difficult for them. I do encourage you to read the series in order to get the most enjoyment. Many of the characters continue to be part of the story and the storyline from earlier books is mentioned frequently in other books in the series.

The author creates an interesting history for the snow leopards. They originate as protectors in Tibet. The shifters still incorporate that protective spirit in relation to the community and the people they love. Many work in the fire department to save lives. Unlike most other romances where you usually only get the female and male characters as narrators, this series features multiple members of the community as narrators. I found that it made me feel closer to the characters and I was impressed by the author's ability to weave through the different narrators without any confusion for the reader.

As with the first book in the series, there is an action oriented sub-plot related to the romance. In this book, you have the disturbed woman who is caring for Tina in her father's absence. She does narrate part of the story so you really understand just how delusional she is and how dangerous she is to the community. The romance between Conner and Tina is very sweet and this part balances out that a little bit and adds drama and suspense.

The Fire and Snow series is an excellent paranormal series that offers a great balance of action and romance. I highly recommend you read the series in order to get the most enjoyment.
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