Breaking the Rules

Lexie Davis
Breaking the Rules
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
September 2016
Book 1 of Roaming Devils MC
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, MC Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

All Ryker Dennison wanted was to become President of the Roaming Devil's Motorcycle Club. It would be his legacy. His grandfather and father had both held the title and he was the next in line.

Enter Ella Hawkins. He had known her since they were fifteen and had tried to push her memory away. Their troublesome past included her father arresting him, which was not something he could easily forget. But when she came to him, pleading for his help to save the one man he despised from a rival motorcycle gang, he found himself agreeing to help her, thus breaking the number one rule of the MC.

Ryker soon finds himself with a major dilemma. Women weren't part of the club life and bringing Ella into his world would only mean putting her in danger. With his father trying to push Ella away from him for his own benefit, her father constantly trying to arrest him, and his own desire for her getting in the way of his club life, he finds himself going against everything to be with the woman he loved. Will breaking the rules land him in the ultimate position to have everything he ever wanted? Or will his risky move cost him everything, including the woman of his dreams?

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Jan 02, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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BREAKING THE RULES is the first book in Lexie Davis' Roaming Devils series about bad boy biker Ryker Dennison, who is the president of the one percenter MC club, and the doctor he falls in love with, Ella Hawkins. Their story is told in more than one book (in fact, three so far!)

Ryker and Ella have known each other since they were school age, but have gone off in very different paths. Ryker is in the MC, thanks to his father Razor, an evil SOB. And Ella becomes a doctor, and she also has a father who is a police detective who happens to hate Ryker and the MC. Ryker ended up doing time after being caught with Ella and her father finding drugs on him.
Now, her father has been kidnapped and is being tortured by a rival MC. The only way to get him back? Produce 10 keys of cocaine. The only way Ella knows to get that is through Ryker, but first, she has to go through his father, and the terms could cost her everything.

Ella and Ryker begin a back and forth love match which sees the two of them together and apart. Ryker's father wants them apart, as does Ella's father, but Ryker will do anything to keep Ella short of leaving the MC.

Lots of action here, and you can tell that not only isn't Razor finished with his mayhem, but events that occurred in this book will definitely come back to bite everyone later! We'll see what happens next!
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