Keep Me

Anna Zaires; Dima Zales
Keep Me
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Mozaika Publications
Release Date
November 2014
Book 2 of Twist Me
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Abducted at eighteen. Held captive for 15 months.
It reads like one of those headlines. And yes, I did it. I stole her. Nora, with her long dark hair and silky skin. She's my weakness, my obsession.
I'm not a good man. I never pretended to be one. She can love me, but she can't change me.
I can, however, change her.
My name is Julian Esguerra, and Nora is mine to keep.
***Keep Me is the sequel to Twist Me, told from Nora & Julian's POV.***

Book Review by BJ (reviewer)
Oct 19, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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*This review contains spoilers for book 1 of the Twist Me Trilogy, if you have not yet read or listened to Twist Me, please see my review of that title*

4.5 "A Dark, Powerful Man's Weakness?" Stars for the story and 5 Stars for the narration!

The second book in a trilogy is always the hardest to execute. Nothing can usually compare with the excitement and newness of the intriguing, creative plot introduced by book 1, whereas Book 3 answers all, or at least the remaining, clues thereby ensuring that it is an essential ingredient to a memorable trilogy. Anna Zaires and Dima Zales, however, have managed to pull off the impossible by producing a memorable and extremely satisfying book 2, while at the same time managing to add further complexity and intrigue to the already unique plot introduced in Twist Me, not to mention maintaining the same envelope-pushing BDSM passionate scenes between the hero and heroine that are sure to leave you panting.

KEEP ME picks up where Twist Me leaves off. Nora believes that Julian has died in the explosion after he rescued her, and has returned back home. As she starts to piece her life back together, the depression of losing Julian is undeniable, but resume her life she must, so she begins that task.

Then unexpectedly Julian reappears. Having lost her once, Julian is now more determined than ever that his enemies will never keep Nora from him again. His need to possess her, willingly or as a captive, and the extremes to which he will take to ensure he "keeps" her, knows no bounds. No matter Nora's submissive tendencies, her feelings and her ability to accept Julian's extreme dominant ways will be tested. Further complicating matters is the fact that it doesn't take Julian's enemies long to figure out that Nora is the only real thing he cares about in this world. Therefore she may easily be used as leverage against him. Can there possibly be a HEA in store for Nora and Julian under these circumstances? Moreover, will Julian (even given all his power and resources) be able to keep Nora safe?

Adding a second narrator to the cast, KEEP ME is narrated by returning narrator Shirl Rae plus Roberto Scarlato. This dual narration approach works fabulously as KEEP ME also includes chapters from Julian's point of view and Mr. Scarlato's narration of those chapters works perfectly to differentiate the viewpoint being shared. As an added bonus, Mr. Scarlato's rendition of Julian gives him a darkly titillating and sexy intonation perfectly suited to the personality traits that the authors penned for him.

Ms. Rae, in turn, maintains remarkable consistency in her portrayals of the characters that she created in Twist Me, thereby giving the listener the welcoming feeling that they are settling back in to the same story and allowing the listener to just sit back and enjoy the further development of this dramatic, dark romance.

All in all, I really enjoyed KEEP ME. Maintaining the same dark, edgy and intriguing feel of Twist Me (book 1), while at the same time introducing some new mind-provoking and social mores bending quandaries which will no doubt equally push your buttons as to the acceptable nature of the dominant hero's behavior, KEEP ME keeps the listener entranced and inexplicably drawn to listen to this forbidden treasure to its fruition. I simply can not recommend this series highly enough to lovers of dark romances. Moreover, the expert narration adds an extra spine tingling effect that makes this a must-listen-to series.
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