Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones

Sorchia DuBois
Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
October 2016
Book 1 of Zoraida Grey
Action/Adventure Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements

Granny's dying, but Zoraida can save her with a magic crystal of smoky quartz. Too bad the crystal is in Scotland––in a haunted castle––guarded by mind-reading, psychopathic sorcerers.

Getting inside Castle Logan is easy. Getting out––not so much. Before she can snatch the stone, Zoraida stumbles into a family feud, uncovers a wicked ancient curse, and finds herself ensorcelled by not one but two handsome Scottish witches. Up to their necks in family intrigue and smack-dab in the middle of a simmering clan war, Zoraida and her best friend Zhu discover Granny hasn't told them everything.

Not by a long shot.

Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones is Book 1 in a 3-book series. Zoraida Grey and the Voodoo Queen and Zoraida Grey and the Pictish Runes will be released in 2017.

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Jan 31, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What is a nice woman like Zoraida Grey doing in a spooky castle in Scotland? She lives a pretty simple life and runs a head shop in Bear Hollow, Arkansas with her boyfriend and does tarot readings on the side. When her Granny is dying, she sends her to Scotland to find a magic healing stone. It is quite an experience. She meets some pretty scary family members and learns all about the family curse. She also has to guard herself from the abilities of the male witches who seem eager to seduce her. It is not the journey she expected on her first trip overseas and leaves her with more questions than answers. Zoraida just hopes she survives it all.

Zoraida was raised by her Granny who taught her magical skills since she was a small child. She knows Granny likes to manipulate others but feels she has to take a chance when Granny says she will die if Zoraida does not get the magical healing stone from their family home in Scotland. She and her best friend, Zhou, head to Scotland without much information. They find themselves being requested to attend a dinner with the family shortly after their arrival. The family includes cousin Michael and his mother Ursula who have very powerful magic. Another cousin, Shea, is suspected of killing Michael's father. There is plenty of danger and a killer on the loose. The only thing that is clear is that Granny kept a lot of secrets and Zoraida and Zhou are in real danger.

Zoraida is a fun character. The story is narrated by her so you feel very close to her. She is very down-to-earth and tends to say exactly what she thinks. She has stayed close to her home and this is quite an adventure for her. Zoraida has a boyfriend and they have one of those on-again, off-again relationships. He wants to make it official and she is not ready to commit to him. He doesn't accept the magical side of her life so she keeps a lot of secrets (including the trip). Her distant cousins, Michael and Shea, are quite attractive. They have seductive abilities that really draw her to them but she is reluctant to trust them considering they have their own agenda. The seduction scenes offer heat and some humor too.

The story unfolds quickly with plenty of action to move it along. I like that the author does not do a lot of build-up but lets the action unfold as we meet the characters. You do get some backstory but it is clear that the author is keeping a lot of the story on hold for the next parts. If you don't enjoy cliff-hangers, you will want to pass on this story. You definitely have to read the next two to get the answers you are looking for.

This is a really fun magical adventure. It is light-hearted but has a serious, suspenseful edge to it as well. Zoraida is a great narrator for the tale and hearing everything from her point of view allows the author to surround her with characters who we are not really sure of their intentions. This is the first part of the story and I am looking forward to the next part. The author has delivered a fun experience and a great choice for those who enjoy paranormal stories with romance in the mix.
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