Scarred by You

Laura Carter
Scarred by You
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LBM Media Limited
Release Date
October 2016
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Their past will become their future. Their scars will be reopened.

Clark Layton has the world at his feet. He is the CEO of one of the largest oil companies in the world and he has a fiancée most men would kill for. Then why, the night before his wedding, is he still thinking about everything he lost when he walked out on Dayna Cross?

Dayna didn't intend to take the helm of Subsea Petroleum. But events beyond her control left her no choice. And she can handle it, mostly. She can juggle the long hours, the chauvinistic men, and a broken heart. What she can't deal with is Clark Layton swanning back into her life and threatening to break down her walls.

They are rival CEOs and they are in a dogfight for a lucrative new pipeline. But as truths of their past begin to surface, business won't be the biggest battle they enter into.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Oct 19, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I can imagine this story is just the tip of the dangerous iceberg when doing oil business in the Middle East. **Shivers**

Clark Layton remembers vividly how it felt to be with Dayna Cross. As the CEO of Layton Oil and the CEO of Subsea Petroleum, their business interests are the same, but their interest in each other is even stronger. But four years ago, Clark walked away from Dayna without a backward glance, a devastating blow that Dayna never truly got over.

Now that Clark's reentered her circle, with a newly broken engagement and that smoldering look that gets her every.single.time, Dayna has to shore up her defenses against the only man who would…and will…break her heart. With the love still clearly there between them, it's only a matter of time before neither of them will be able to survive walking away again.

Holy crap this is a GREAT book! The overall feel was kind of edgy with a dangerous overtone, and I just kept waiting for Clark and Dayna to get together AND for shit to get ugly with their business interests. And both happened in spectacular fashion. The sexual tension between Clark and Dayna was incredibly thick, the angry, sensual back and forth, give and take was just swoonworthy. And when the danger element finally took root and shit got real, I loved how Clark manned up and did whatever he could to protect the woman he loved…even if she didn't necessarily want his help.

I went back and forth with Dayna, she was alternately bitchy and badass depending on the direction of the wind. She totally had a reason to be suspicious of Clark though, since dude screwed her over more than once. The sex in SCARRED BY YOU was heavy and erotic but not over the top, it actually melded well within the storyline. This was an incredibly fantastic book and I hope that this will ultimately turn into a series since all the characters are compelling!

Bottom Line: Technically no OW/OM or sharing (though the wedding being called off and the MC's hooking up a week later was major sketch); no condom use; no BDSM; no kink; no sexual assault; murder (past tense discussions); mild violence.
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