The Game of Love

Madison Scott
The Game of Love
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
April 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Angelique Clements has always tried to be the perfect daughter. Her wealthy parents run her life with no questions asked, much like they do the rest of Kindness, KY. When they try to force her to forgive her cheating fiancé, Angelique finally decides it's time to live her own life.

After getting an apartment for the first time, she meets the apartment complex's resident handyman, Russell Steele. What starts out as an easy friendship with a man unlike anyone she's ever known, becomes a game when her mother sees them together, and much to her dismay, assumes they are dating.

The more Angelique and Russ keep up their charade, the more real their act becomes. But Russ has secrets, and the closer they grow, the more he begins to try and pull away from her.

Can Angelique uncover Russ's past and show him they still have a future together, or will they both lose at this game of love?

Book Review by Tiffy (reviewer)
Apr 25, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This novel is jam packed with a sexy handyman, the girl next door, her parents from hell, and a slimy cheating ex-fiancé all living in Kindness, KY. Don't you just love the name of that city!!

Angel discovers fiancé Spencer in his office having sex with his secretary, Patsy. Of course, the wedding is off as far as Angel is concerned, but her parents want her to forgive and forget. Spencer is partner material slated to take over the law practice of Angelique's father, not to mention he's an old family friend. For people-pleaser Angelique, both Spencer's betrayal and her parent's indifference are the last straw. She's done being the perfect daughter and not making waves. She moves out of her parents' house and quits her job at her father's law firm.

Lexi, Angel's best friend, finds her an apartment and helps her move in. When Angel meets Russ, the resident handyman, she remarks to Lexi that he's so gorgeous she has a hard time being around him without drooling! It doesn't take Angel and Russ any time at all to become friends. When Angel's mother drops by the apartment, Angel and Russ endeavor to make her believe that they have started a relationship. Angel hopes that her new relationship will force her parents to accept that she and Spencer will never get back together. Angel wishes that the fake relationship would blossom into a passionate love affair.

The characters in the novel are wonderfully crafted. Angel loves her parents, but lets them stomp all over her. Her parents are so wrapped up in their social status and acquiring wealth that they don't treasure their daughter and her love. Lexi is a true-blue friend, but tends to hold everyone at arm's length, even Angel. Russ is a recovering alcoholic who is going through life without really living it because of unresolved issues in his past. Then there is Spencer, the two timing, slimy scum who cheated on Angel and just makes your skin crawl. Does anyone get the feeling that I really have issues with Spencer?

The relationship between Angel and Russ begins as a way to prevent her parents from forcing her to marry Spencer. It develops into a friendship with benefits because both Angel and Russ have deep unresolved emotional wounds. As the relationship progresses into love, wounds are healed and issues from the past are resolved.

This novel is a joy to read. I love the witty banter and the friendship that develops between Lexi, Angel, and Russ. The pacing in the novel was terrific. The flow between when Angel and Russ became friends and when their relationship blossomed into love was seamless. The ending was perfect for the story and will bring tears to your eyes. I'm looking forward to the next novel from Madison Scott.
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