Two Against Nature

Tymber Dalton
Two Against Nature
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
October 2016
Book 39 of Suncoast Society
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Holly's severe chronic pain from her fibromyalgia isn't merely physical, it's emotional, too. Her brother Louis sits in jail, wrongly convicted of their mother's murder. Nothing will stop Holly's efforts to get his sentence overturned. She's put her life on hold to make it happen.

Walt's avoided the fact that he's insulated himself from moving forward because he still holds a torch for his ex, Kimbra. When he meets Holly, he knows he can help her in more ways than one—Kimbra's an attorney…and a friend. Walt's also a heavy sadist who wants to show Holly how the good kinds of pain can help her overcome the bad.

While work commences to free Louis, Walt realizes exactly how hard he's fallen for Holly. As he finds himself fighting to show her that a spoonie and a sadist can make a relationship work, will he convince her that two against nature can absolutely be perfect for each other?

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Mar 08, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Complicated, messy and moving, this story contains it all. Holly is a loyal and loving sister. She will make it right and free her wrongly convicted brother, Louis. I am moved by how hard Holly works to clear her brother's name. Many people would have given up, especially since Louis is her adopted brother, not her blood brother.

There are so many things about this story that is appealing. The characters really made this a fun read. Of course, the funny little tangents enhanced the story for me. Specifically, I liked Walt's story. Walt is divorced and still on great terms with his ex-wife, Kimbra. Kimbra is an amazing woman and I hope she would have her own story too. Maybe as a Domme (hint, hint). Walt has a special skill that I like a lot… he can sign in ASL. Reading about him signing renews my interest in learning how to sign.

I loved the scene at the cop shop between the angry mother and cringing teenage boy. No matter the language, mothers can clearly express their anger. Ms. Dalton paints such a vivid picture of the angry mother that I could envision every choppy hand stroke. I digress.

Holly and Walt getting together seems to be too good to be true, especially as they somehow become absorbed into Kimbra's boisterous family. The recurring theme of family bonds in this story is strong and beautiful. Many times, Ms. Dalton shows the dysfunctional families. It is nice to see when she features a blended family that is accepting and loving. This feel good sentiments brings a smile to my face as it shows a better world that we could make possible. The way an entire community comes together to support Holly and help her free her brother is moving. Each of these characters are all lovable - even Louis who is like a gentle giant.

The kink in this tale went an expected direction as Holly suffers from pain due to her fibromyalgia. For those who have read a little about Ms. Dalton's life, it is suggestive the impact play in here is based on her own experiences. This isn't the first time I've read or heard about women suffering from fibromyalgia using impact play to help alleviate their pain. As a person who experiences pain in neck, shoulders and lower back constantly, I can attest that pain through deep pressure and flogging does help lessen my pain. I totally endorse BDSM for chronic pain sufferers.

This story contains it all - well-adjusted families, BDSM therapy and justice. This endearing romance is recommended to kinky readers who love their happily ever afters.
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