Forever Night

Stephen B. King
Forever Night
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Totally Entwined
Release Date
October 2016

**Crime Thriller***

A wounded and psychologically scarred returned SAS hero becomes a sociopathic serial killer while he hunts down the one true love of his life.

Paul ‘Tank' Williams suffered a horrific childhood at the hands of his sadistic father and alcoholic, clingy mother. He escaped to join the Army where he exceled and became a decorated SAS war hero in Iraq and Afghanistan.

On leave, he meets and marries the one and only true love of his life, but after being near fatally injured in a bomb blast during an operation where everything went wrong, he is returned back to Australia mentally and physically wounded. When his wife leaves him due to his fits of irrational rage and jealousy he tracks her across the country to Perth on a ‘mission' to hunt her down and kill her. However, he discovers the victim was not Amanda, but someone who resembled her. He kills again and again until he tracks her to a large suburban shopping center where he believes she works.

A huge task force, led by Detective Inspector Dillon Bradley, has been set up to stop the man nicknamed ‘The Ripper' by the press. After a media conference Williams decides to buy time and plans a diversion which will have catastrophic consequences for Bradley. The killer knows the wounds he received in Afghanistan will eventually kill him and he is determined to finish his mission at all costs before they do.

Book Review by Rachel's Willful Thoughts (reviewer)
Dec 07, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What happens when a decorated war hero no longer is connected with reality?

In FOREVER KNIGHT, author Stephen B. King creates a chilling scenario of a man who becomes a serial killer and wreaks havoc.

Paul "Tank" Williams is on a hunt for his wife, but his mental illness leads him to women who resemble her. He leaves a swath of bodies in his wake, with the media calling him "The Ripper."

Assigned to the case, Detective Inspector Dillon Bradley matches wits with Williams with devastating consequences. Williams is a ticking time bomb. The question is whether Bradley can stop him before the body count rises.

Although this story isn't usually the type I enjoy, I found myself really getting into the storyline. As the story progressed, details were revealed about Williams' past. By the time the last page was read, the author had very skillfully tied up all the loose ends.
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