BRIDGE OF FIRE, Book 9, A Woodcutter's Grim Series Novel

Karen Wiesner
BRIDGE OF FIRE, Book 9, A Woodcutter's Grim Series Novel

Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Release Date
December 2017
Book 9 of Woodcutter's Grim Series
Fantasy Romance

William Gruff was youngest in a family born with the inexplicable, uncontrollable ability to transform into billy goats when angered or threatened. In order to maintain their anonymity and ensure their safety--until Will's father heard about Woodcutter's Grim, a small town in Wisconsin where all things supernatural were lured. Not surprisingly in the midst of fairytale horrors, when the Gruffs reached the edge of town they faced a monstrous troll who demanded they pay the toll. In exchange for safe passage, the Gruffs were given the magical means to build and maintain an everlasting bridge which allowed the Great Evil that had dominion over the small town to control all who entered its borders. Will's father and two older brothers quickly fell under the spell of this entity. Aware that his time would come to extend the alliance, Will, with the help of his mother, tricked the evil and he escaped his dire fate. In the years since, he's lived his life desperately lonely. Never did he anticipate meeting a woman like Adaryn Azar with eyes and hair of fire, limbs as graceful as an exotic, exquisite bird in flight.
But Adaryn has a secret of her own. She is a singularity, a legendary creature of fantasy--a phoenix--who has lived and died countless times. Through the ages, she's been hunted by an enemy who wants immorality. With the ability to re-spawn from seeming death back, her existence has been fraught with loneliness, terror and far too many painful beginnings. Never before has she met anyone like Will. But, just as everything she's ever wanted seems about to come true, her enemy discovers her identity once more, and she can no longer risk rebirth--because starting over would mean losing the timeless love she's found with Will…and the life growing inside her would be forfeit.


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