Marie's Midnight Lover

Gina Duncan
Marie's Midnight Lover


Gina Duncan
Release Date
December 2015
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements, Vamps & Shifters Romance

A light and mysterious presence enters her life as the man of her dreams. Julian is all light and love. He'd been in her dreams since she was a child always protecting and encouraging her to do the best at anything she chooses. She never wants to lose him, but she believes him only to be a dream. What will she do when she runs into the man from her dreams and realizes he's been real this entire time?
But there is a dark presence that has entered her life as an adult trying to wipe out Julian. Silas wants her for selfish and cruel reasons, but he tempts her beyond reason. He comes to her in the night making her do things she'd never do on her own. But her body craves something from Silas; she doesn't know what it is. Will she chose this dark stranger when she meets him in the flesh?
Who will win the heart and soul of the beautiful young violinist? Can the light that has always surrounded her keep her safe from the dark? Will she choose one of the vampires or run like hell from both of them?


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