Journey's Rule

S. Carman Knight
Journey's Rule


Release Date
October 2016
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

It's just a weekend away to tend to family business. But for Journey McCall those three days turn into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Cayce Donegan has set aside personal matters to keep a promise to an old woman. And that promise sets him straight in Journey's path.

Though the weekend ends, the danger doesn't, and each time Cayce rescues Journey, she finds herself falling deeper in love with him.

But Cayce is a player and Journey worries that once the adventure is over their affair will be as well.

Can Journey keep her lover without losing her life?

Book Review by vera (reviewer)
Nov 07, 2016
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In romance mystery, Journey's Rule, S. Carman Knight created a winning read filled with mystery, secrets, and romance. Journey McCall has a rule; an important rule and one she lives by. I am not going to tell you Journey's rule, you will have to read the book.


Journey's Grandma Lela has died in Warrensburg, Kentucky; leaving instructions for Journey to appear with the rest of family for the reading of the will. Who's the rest of the family? Funny you should ask! Uncle Bud the son, an undertaker with a greedy sneaky side, his wife stuck up and unwelcoming, the daughter a stuck up plain Jane, and the son-in-law married for the family business only to find he has no chance of inheriting. Wow, what a happy family!

Meanwhile, Journey finds she is traveling from Rochester New York, with Cayce Donegan to the reading. Cayce, originally from Warrensburg, received a letter with instructions from Grandma Lela to protect and watch over Journey. Unfortunately, Journey had a crush on Cayce from the time she was 10 years old. Now, Cayce insist on driving her to Warrensburg and staying close. To say Cayce is a hunk is an understatement. Built with Adonis in mind, big, strong and handsome, he would make any woman's heart skip a beat. Journey is no exception and her attraction to Cayce is hot and intense.

Finally arriving in Warrrensburg, Journey and Cayce find more involved in reading the will and leaving. Something is very wrong as Journey and Cayce find men in black, house invaders, and a family that wants to know badly what was in Journey's envelope from Granny. However, Journey and Cayce find returning home does not stop the activity.

Who is following Journey, breaking into her apartment, and scaring her to death? Why did Granny Lela leave Journey the contents of her envelope and what does it mean? Never fear, Cayne is not leaving Journey alone to face danger or ferret out the secrets. He has made it his business to protect Journey.

Come along for an adventure with Journey and Cayce as they fight, love, solve mysteries and reveal secrets. Grab your favorite beverage, have seat and get ready to have long night of reading.


Firstly, I must say how much I enjoyed this story and how easy the review was to compose in light of Ms. Knights talent in story-telling. Secondly, Ms. Knight's characters were many faceted and developed through the novel, especially Cayce. Seen has a loner and possible trouble-maker, Ms. Knights developed his character proficiently. She took a dark, deep, secret, dangerous loner and evolved his characteristics right up to the last pages. Journey's development was a sight to see; from fright to fight as she grows throughout the story-line.

All good tales must have worthy villains, and Ms. Knight created villains worthy of the name. Everything from family to international criminals are present in Journey's Rule. You will love to hate Journey's family. Each a piece of work, you wonder how Journey is a member. Consequently, I found all of Ms. Knights character's felt real and believable from hunky Cayce to mean greedy Uncle Bud.

While filled with mystery, secrets, and dangerous, Journey's Rule is also a hot and steamy romance. However, I would not consider the love scenes erotica. Personally, in any book I read, if the sex scenes are too explicit for me, I skip over those parts to get to the meat of the story.

In concluding the review of Journey's Rule, I found the pacing was on target for the length of the novel. Also, I found Ms. Knights writing style was clean, clear, and refreshing with no fluff filling the pages. The story-line was unique and the plots many, as Ms. Knight skilled crafted a solid story-line. The revelation and meaning of the contents in the envelope was a surprise Ms. Knight left until the last possible moment.


Therefore, I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend. Due to sexual and violent conditions, I recommend Journey's Rule to young adults and adults.

Final Note: I received this book from the S. Carman Knight and chose to review the novel with an honest romance novel review. Book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author's opinion. Consequently all book reviews on line and on my blog, are my opinion. This romance novel review was not influenced by the ARC.
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