Heat Wave

Karina Halle
Heat Wave
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Release Date
November 2016
Contemporary Romance

They say when life closes one door, another one opens.
This door happens to lead to paradise.
And a man I can never, ever have.


Still grieving the loss of her sister who died two years ago, the last thing Veronica "Ronnie" Locke needed was to lose her job at one of Chicago's finest restaurants and have to move back in with her parents. So when a window of opportunity opens for her – running a kitchen at a small Hawaiian hotel – she'd be crazy not to take it.

The only problem is, the man running the hotel drives her crazy:
Logan Shephard.
It doesn't matter that he's got dark brown eyes, a tall, muscular build that's sculpted from daily surfing sessions, and a deep Australian accent that makes your toes curl.
What does matter is that he's a grump.
Kind of an asshole, too.
And gets under Ronnie's skin like no one else.

But the more time Ronnie spends on the island of Kauai, falling in love with the lush land and its carefree lifestyle, the closer she gets to Logan. And the closer she gets to Logan, the more she realizes she may have pegged him all wrong. Maybe it's the hot, steamy jungles or the invigorating ocean air, but soon their relationship becomes utterly intoxicating.

There's just one major catch.

The two of them together would incite a scandal neither Ronnie, nor her family, would ever recover from.

Forbidden, Illicit, off-limits – sometimes the heat is worth surrendering to, even if you get burned.

Note: this is a standalone novel, unrelated to any previous books. It does NOT contain cheating of any kind.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Dec 01, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Sigh. Is there any better place than Hawaii as a backdrop for love?

When Veronica Locke saw Logan Shepard, she knew her life would never be the same. But before they got past the introductions, her sister swooped in and Ronnie never stood a chance. Now Ronnie's sister is gone, leaving her widower Logan running a hotel in Hawaii that she's going to be the chef for. To say their relationship has been strained is an understatement, but Ronnie's determined to make a go of a fresh start on the island. Logan is grumpy, gruff and a little mean, but that doesn't stop Ronnie from wanting him…damn traitorous body. But both of them know that getting involved would be a monumentally bad idea and that the fallout could be catastrophic to them both.

I absolutely LOVED HEAT WAVE! I have to say that the chemistry between Ronnie and Logan was crazy hot right off the bat – I was bummed that he wound up married to her sister rather than exploring something with her. This book definitely had that gut in the stomach feel, even though the two of them never flirted after that first night and were downright antagonistic for the most part. Even so, I can't imagine being in love with my sister's husband and the complexities that might bring to light. I hate to say that I'm thankful that Ronnie's sister was out of the picture, but it adds a level of depth that added so much to this novel.

Ronnie's mother was a heartless bitch, and I was truly hoping she'd get hers at some point in this book. This story had so many layers and facets, from the ornery Charlie to the slightly bitchy Kate, even the supporting characters and the Hawaiian setting just made this book super special.

Bottom Line: No OW/OM; no sharing; no condom use; no BDSM/kink; no sexual assault; no murder/violence.
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