Two Doms For Christmas

Kat Barrett
Two Doms For Christmas
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Release Date
December 2015
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Haley Joy has never recovered from her tragic divorce and the loss of her daughter. She lives a lonely, reclusive life with her dogs Ginger and Sammie. A chance meeting at a bar introduces her to Austin Mckenzie. He's years younger than her, but they share a similar past and a love for dogs.

Austin also has a secret, he's a Dom who's currently looking for a woman to rebuild his life with. He and his best friend Med have shared women before and they hope to do the same again.

Their first date is magic, but then tragedy befalls Haley when a man breaks into her house. The break-in may be the beginning of the end for their budding relationship. It's Med who sees the truth of their feelings and he plots out a plan to get them back together. Will he succeed so they can be with Haley for Christmas?

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Dec 06, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I was really excited to get this story because it seemed to have all the elements of good storytelling. 1. a Christmas story, which I love; 2. older woman, younger man (men), sooo fantastic; 3. dominant men, as in plural, swoons. Sadly, for me, this story just didn't make it; however, I'm hoping not to give away any spoilers as I'm sure this story may be ideal to others but it just isn't for me.

Likes: The opening scene is great, the bar scene and ensuing dialogue was a nice intro to the story. I really liked the idea of an older woman and younger man scenario.

Dis-grumbles: In terms of age difference, other than poking fun of her age a time or two, there was no differentiation between Haley and Austin to show that they're a different age. Haley behaved for the most part as if she were much younger than her 41 years and her characteristics did not make for a mature women. This is supposed to be a Christmas story but there are no Christmas elements in the story other than mention of Christmas and presents toward the end of the story. With Christmas in the title, I was expecting to have aspects of the holiday intermingled throughout the story but that never happened. The two doms are best friends, which I could see but generally, especially in stories where there are dominants working together, they actually function as a cohesive unit. That wasn't the case in this story. They were as different as night and day and not once in the story did they tag team her.

Haley came across more as someone seriously emotionally wounded and a doormat. The bits of D/s are disjointed and incohesive, there's no growth in terms of emotional connection that would contribute to a positive D/s relationship. The scene involving the dog when Austin lost his temper threw up a huge red flag for me and the situation was never resolved comfortably.

It's regrettable to me that this story didn't resonate with me. The elements are all there, but this story didn't leave me with the feeling of a happily ever after. Instead, it left me wishing for something better.
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