The Key to His Alien Heart

Kat Barrett
The Key to His Alien Heart


Release Date
May 2015
Erotic Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Fern is a lonely widow with two daughters, Pero is an alien who wants to claim her for his eternal mate, but she must give up her entire life to be with him.

A year after the death of her husband, Fern is having work done on her home. As the days pass, she takes notice of how attractive one of the men is. His name is Pero and he has the most intensely green ringed eyes that she has ever seen.
When he makes a pass at her, she politely refuses, even though the man really intrigues her. That night he comes to her in a dream, taking her into the clouds to make love. When she finally forces herself out of bed, Fern finds a small stone on the table with clouds floating within it. She is completely befuddled.
She soon learns that Pero is from another race on a different planet. The men from his planet are collecting women to bring home with them when their ship returns for them.
Pero gives her a vision into her future which will be short lived if she remains on Earth. He offers her a place as his first ‘berdine,' his eternal mate, but Fern is plagued by the guilt of leaving her two daughters who are in college. Will she make the final commitment to Pero, or stay on Earth for whatever time she had left to live?


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