A Feast of Choice

Kate Steele
A Feast of Choice
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Changeling press
Release Date
April 2011
Book 2 of Feast of Fortune
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Having survived his first encounter with a vampire, Toby Heaton must make a life-altering decision. His vampire lover has revealed a startling fact. Toby is a rare human, a chrysalis child, one who, should he or she bestow their love on a vampire, can return the vampire's ability to walk in daylight.

With little time to assimilate the information, much less decide if he loves De, Toby is confronted and abducted by his lover's life-long enemy. Placed in an untenable situation, Toby must find a way to deal with a man who could not only end his life, but who threatens everything Toby holds dear.

Book Review by DH Starr (author)
Apr 27, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A FEAST OF CHOICE by Kate Steele is the first book I have read by this author and I was drawn in from the start. This story is a second in a series that follows Toby and his love De. Since I didn't read the first book, I can safely confirm that this book is a terrific standalone. Still, I'm looking forward to purchasing the first book to read the whole story that was referred to in this second of the series. On top of that, Kate breaks formula and leaves us without a happily-for-now at the end, leaving us instead with a cliff-hanger on par with those we get at the end of whole seasons of shows at the end of their last episode. I just don't know how I'll be able to wait to see how this story unfolds in the next segment.

From what I could gather, Toby and De became interested in each other in the first book. This story opens with De's nemesis, Alec Mikos, who has Toby held captive. In the past, De had done a wrong to Alec by causing him to lose a love. Alec is seeking revenge by having Toby cause De to fall in love with him and then withholding that love, leaving De despondent. As De and Toby consummate their love, Toby is unable to control his feelings and falls in love himself…a mistake when his mission is to lure De into love and then to leave him.

As the story unfolds, the love between the two heroes grows and blossoms, until the final chapter when everything falls apart. Rather than tying up the story and giving conclusion to this segment of what promises to be a wonderful series, Ms. Steele instead leaves us wondering what will happen next.

There were two aspects to this story that I absolutely adored. First, the use of language was exquisite. It is clear that Ms. Steele chose her words with care. The narrative flows smoothly and has a contemporary feel with historical elements mixed in. De is over two centuries old and his speech gives the feeling of a person who lived in another time. The combination of historical meets contemporary was wonderful to read and added to the allure of the pairing between the two men.

The other thing I loved about this story was the sensuality and eroticism of the sex scenes. Ms. Steele took her time to allow the love between the two characters to unfold and progress with just the right pace. It moves slow enough to enjoy each moment of their coupling, but fast enough for me to begin to sweat a bit as they explored and enjoyed each other.

For people who read romances expecting a happily-ever-after or a happy-for-now ending, this story is not for you until the next installment comes out. But once Book 3 is available, I highly recommend that you follow the journey of Toby and De. The tension, sensuality, and love are gripping and tender. Excellent read and stellar writing.
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