The Tide Turns

Artemis Milchon
The Tide Turns
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Avalerion Books, Inc.
Release Date
December 2016
Book 2 of Omega Chronicles
Paranormal Romance

M.J. Storm was a force of nature. Strong. Artistic. Caring. And her world was falling apart. Living in the run down racing track, she was desperate to get herself and her foster sister, Squirt, out of the tyrannical Razor's control and in a better situation. Going to the club to pitch Squirt's engine to some of the top drivers had seemed like a good idea. It might have been if someone hadn't decided to kidnap her.

Aquos was dying. The balance Sally had brought to their world hadn't helped him. His body was giving out and he knew it. When Turbo brought a bruised female to Sanctuary, he was surprised to find his spirit was as strong as ever.
Which left him with one question ... why would a woman as beautiful, smart and strong as M.J. ever want a dying Clan Lord?

Two souls, each with their own insecurities, must realize that their true worth lies in the immeasurable power of love. Trouble continues to stalk the grounds of Sanctuary. A mysterious female haunts their leader's dreams and the architect continues to develop his plan to end the Clan Lords for eternity.

No matter how many problems they face, the Clan Lords have each other, and their brotherhood is enough to conquer any obstacle, because M.J. Storm is a surprise no one is prepared for, and the tides are about to turn for them all.

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Nov 23, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Life is not going well for M.J. She is stuck in a lousy job and a crappy home and trying to take care of her foster sister. She didn't think it could get much worse until she is abducted. Now, she is attracted to a strange alien shifter guy and he might die if she can't save him. It is quite an introduction to Sanctuary and its residents.

This is the second book in the Omega Chronicles. It picks up not long after the first book, The Last Dragon, and you really want to read that before starting this book. The Sanctuary is comprised of shifters from another dimension and their species are dying out. They have been sent to Earth to solve a riddle from the Goddess and get the information they need to return home and save the others. Angels provide some guidance with their task but keep a lot of secrets. Their hopes have been dying as they continue to lose members and have others currently dealing with serious illnesses. In addition, there is someone very determined to have them fail at their mission.

M.J. is a young woman who has not had an easy life. She was in foster care until she was taken in by a woman that has a young daughter. The mother has died and it is just her and her sister, Squirt. Squirt loves mechanics and cars and they live on a race track with a boss that doesn't even pay them and works her to death. He threatens them all the time. When she is kidnapped, she doesn't know what to expect. It is a whole new world in Sanctuary and she learns that she may be a key to their survival and success. Her feelings for one of them named Aquos really surprise her. He is very sick and she doesn't want him to die.

Aquos is one of the kindest of the men at Sanctuary. His clan is tied to water. He is still a little jealous of his friend Drake who found his mate in the first book and a little in love with his friend's mate, Sally. He never believed he would have a chance for a mate and that a woman like M.J. would want to be with him. At their first meeting, it is clear they have a real connection. Aquos has known for quite awhile that he is dying but M.J. gives him hope. His M.J. is his saving grace.

As with the first book, the author does move around the connecting storylines and the narration rotates among some of the characters. It would definitely be confusing for someone new to the series to jump in. I really loved the first book in the series and was very happy that Sally and Drake, the main characters from that book, are a big part of this story too. There is so much laughter to be found in their relationship and it brings some levity to the danger the other members of Sanctuary are facing.

M.J. and Aquos have a sweeter relationship than the other couple. They really have an emotional bond and both share a feeling that they are not worthy of love. I have to admit that Sally and Drake are a hard couple to live up to and still my favorite couple. There are some mysterious characters and lots of questions still left at the end of the book so you will definitely want to read the next book to see how the story continues.

The series continues to be a good choice for those who like shifter romances with a diverse group of characters and some mysteries to solve too. I highly recommend you read the series in order. There are many entwined storylines and characters that were established in the first book in the series and the author jumps right into the story in this follow-up. The characters are facing even more challenges as members of Sanctuary struggle with serious illnesses. Sally was able to help save Drake in the first book but more females with special abilities are needed to help the others. M.J. is brought into the mix and has an undeniable connection with Aquos whose health is rapidly fading. They both find unexpected love. It gives some needed hope that they may survive the dangers they face and find an answer to the riddle that will save their clans. Be prepared to have some unanswered questions left at the end of the book. There are some great opportunities to find interesting mates for the other characters and I hope we get an exciting match in the next book.
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