Lauren Lamoureaux
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January 2017
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

When not-so-innocent ingénue Natalie Burgess is offered the role of a lifetime in a sexy new musical, she jumps at the chance to make her Broadway debut – but doesn't count on falling head over pointe shoes in lust with Tony, her infuriating yet sexy-as-sin leading man.

By day, they rehearse the hot and heavy duet that will burn up Broadway. By night, Natalie longs for more than even the hottest backstage foreplay can satisfy…

After his last "showmance" ended in disaster, Broadway star Tony Valenti is determined not to make the same mistake with Natalie. Wanting to take it slow, he insists on starting a relationship with one condition: no sex until opening night.

With each new onstage – and offstage – seduction, it's a promise that's becoming impossible to keep...

But when Natalie learns the truth about what happened to the actress she replaced and Tony's secret puts the show – and their relationship – at risk, Tony must set things right before he loses his leading lady forever.

Book Review by Lilly (reviewer)
Apr 20, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Oh, yes. Another lovely book to pass some quality time. While I loved the characters and setting, there are a few things that did not stand well with me when it came to this story. Though the ending made me turn my rating around! I was going with 3 starts initially, but mainly due to the unexpected finale I decided 4 stars is more suitable.

Going through what I liked, the idea of a romance between coworkers (actors, dancers, office colleagues or any type), even if not new in romance books, was very nicely presented. Their struggle to keep a professional attitude and to separate the two aspects was elegantly portrayed and made very believable. Natalie is a strong woman who knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to ask for it. She has reasonable expectations from Tony, though she does her best to understand his situation as well. I believe out of the two, she is better built as a character. Tony on the other hand seems unsure, afraid. I did not understand why he was so reserved in being open with Natalie. He does however state several times he is all in for a committed relationship.

Also part of the great things about THE WICKED STAGE is how the author presented the world of theatre, the world of actors – with constant shifting between stages and acts, with changing clothes, make-up. Even gossip! The ending was, for me at least, totally unexpected. I really really appreciate how the author decided to reveal the truth about certain characters.

Now, except Tony's character, which for me was well determined when it came to sex but really weak when it came to building a relationship, I also did not feel comfortable with the whole story behind his ex. I mean, if you want to start something real with someone else, just be open about it. Ok, he needs time to get to know Natalie better but at some point they were far beyond that. There were some other small holes in the story, but this being a spoiler-free review, I cannot disclose them.

Nevertheless, this is a great story and for a short one, it is really worth spending a few hours with nice characters, in the world of musical and hot scenes.
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