Jill Myles
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Jill Myles
Release Date
February 2011
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Time Travel

When Cora Grames is abandoned in England at a haunted castle, she feels very sorry for herself, until she sees the sexy man in the mirror that only appears to her. And when she finds out that she can touch him, he suddenly becomes more than a fantasy. But how can she fight for a man that doesn't exist in her time?

This novella includes a man that might be a ghost, a neighbor that might be a fairy godmother in disguise, and possibly sex involving a mirror.

Book Review by Bridget (reviewer)
May 30, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I have a confession. I brought this story for my commute home and was so absorbed in reading it that I missed my stop. And on top of that, I didn't mind at all, because it gave me more time to keep reading! Full of heartache, humor, and a scorching romance, this was a winner in every sense.

For Cora, coming to Stonewood Abbey is something of a last resort. After losing her job and her fiancé, the chance to housesit her aunt's historic home in England just might give her a chance to hide away from the demands of the world for a bit and decide what it is she really wants to do with her life. But within hours of her arrival in the drafty, rambling house, things suddenly take a turn for the spooky.

There is a man in her mirror, staring at her as if he understands all the loneliness and fear in her heart—as if he is suffering with her. With no one else who can offer her any advice except for Muffin, the charmingly eccentric neighbor with a gift for baking inedible food, Cora decides to take matters into her own hands.

In researching the history of the house, she learns the tragic story of Aric, the man in the mirror—a man whose life was too sad and too short—and something of the magic that both traps him and allows Cora to summon him, if not speak to him. When they realize that they can touch through the glass, however, the two realize they are quite capable of making their own kind of magic together…Their desire is real and the heat between them is sizzling, but their time is short. Cora can't stay at the Abbey forever, and without her, there is no hope for Aric of ever escaping inevitable tragedy. Can Cora find the strength to fight for the man she loves—and if she can, will her strength be enough to save him?

I was genuinely impressed that, without saying a word, Aric won his way into my heart almost immediately. He is certainly handsome, and those green eyes will get me every time, but he doesn't have the same alpha-male-warrior personality that is fairly common in time-travel romances. He is deeply lonely, heartbroken, and desperate, and because of that, his empathy with Cora was immediately and touching and I found myself falling under his spell right along with her. The mystery of the mirror, and constant doubt as to whether Aric would return made for some great tension that exploded whenever they were able to be together. Brief though it was, there was enough sizzle in this story for a whole novel.

I absolutely loved Cora's character. She may arrive at Stonewood a bit downtrodden and weary, but she is a conqueror, and watching her find her strength and take control was one of the best parts of the story. Muffin was a great addition to the story, as well. Even if cooking skills are abominable, her fashion sense is a treat and her role in Cora and Aric's love affair was, I thought, a really sweet twist.

As I said before, this story had me hooked from the first paragraph. The story of the mirror and the way Aric's story is tied to the house was really cleverly constructed, the pacing was spot-on and the characters were all beautifully drawn and heartfelt. Though the romance is phenomenal, there is so much more here to savor. This was the first piece by Jill Myles that I've read. I can promise you, after reading this, it will not be the last.
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