Passion Never Dies: The Complete Reborn Series

Anna Durand
Passion Never Dies: The Complete Reborn Series
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Jacobsville Books
Release Date
November 2016
Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

In March 2014, Anna Durand introduced a unique new series of paranormal romance novellas. For the first time ever, all four tales in the Reborn series are collected in one book.

Dawn woke up drowning, inside a tank in a laboratory straight out of a science fiction movie. Blinded by amnesia, she has no choice but to trust in the alluring stranger who pulls her out of the tank, but Jake Maxwell knows more than he cares to admit. Now Redeo Biotech, the company responsible for Dawn's resurrection, is hunting them both.

As their passion for each other blossoms, Jake and Dawn must outwit their enemies and rediscover their past lives. But when their greatest foe rises from the ashes of ancient Egypt bent on vengeance, only Jake and Dawn's eternal connection has the power to save them.

This collection includes the novellas Reborn to Die, Reborn to Burn, the award-winning Reborn to Avenge, and Reborn to Conquer.

Book Review by Dawn (reviewer)
Jan 14, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Dawn woke up to find herself missing memories and without a name. Her only means of finding answers is a mysterious man named Jake who'd rather escape now and answer questions later. But just when Dawn begins to understand that she's just been resurrected from the dead, she learns why Jake is so determined to get out of dodge: because bad guys are on their tail.

Jake isn't sure how or why Dawn woke from her mummified state but he doesn't wait around to figure it out. He needs to get her to safety, far away from the men who want to use Dawn as a test subject for their experiments. But the enemy that hunts them is very resourceful and the couple doesn't stand a chance of getting away on their own.

After several close calls and near-captures, eventually Dawn must make a choice. She can give herself up and save Jake or watch him die trying to protect her. It's only after she makes her decision that she learns the real reason she was woken in the first place. And it's a supernatural doozy.

I might be in the minority here because I didn't find this to be cringe-worthy insta-love. Yes, the couple begins to rely on each other soon after meeting. And yes, they do develop feelings early on but I didn't feel that this was as forced as other books that I've read. The couple have a pre-destined attraction to one another that didn't bother me in the slightest. It really wasn't unlike other stories I've read where people find their destined "mate".

The supernatural element didn't surprise me, either. I've read other stories about Egyptian curses and I had no problem accepting the reincarnation and resurrection angles. In fact, I thought the whole thing was told in a very believable way. I was wary of the villain, rooted for the hero, and rejoiced when the romance got steamy.

But I do think I could have done without the fourth book of this series, entirely. I thought the end of the third book had a good enough closure that I would have been happy stopping there. Part of the reason I feel this way is because Jake's character loses some of his shine for me in the last book. He had enough struggle to get through already in books 1-3. Book four completely turns him inside out as he wrestles with his new "power" and memories of his past.

Despite wishing the fourth book would go away, I did find the very end to be satisfactory. The resolution between Dawn and her father (sort of) was a nice addition even though I still didn't need it to accept the happy ending between Dawn and Jake.

In closing...
A good read with magic, romance, and intrigue. Three stars!
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