Bermuda Heat

P. A. Brown
Bermuda Heat
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February 2011

A letter. A secret. A tragedy. David's mother told him his father died when he was born. His mother lied.

David Eric Laine always believed his father had died in Vietnam before his birth. His mother remarried and he was adopted by his stepfather and grew up knowing Graham Laine as his only father. Forty years later, a letter arrives and David finds out everything he thought was a lie.His father, Joel Cameron, is alive and living in Bermuda where he came from back in 1968 to attend college. He met David's mother, at the time a much more rebellious child of the turbulent sixties. Following David's birth his mother fled back to the safety of her familiar, protected world and the lie was born. Rather than face her shame, David was told his father died a hero in Vietnam.

Now the lies unravel and the newly married Chris and David embark on a journey to discover the truth.

Book Review by aobibliophile (reviewer)
Aug 22, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A long buried secret brings an officer and his lover from the tough streets of Los Angeles to a tropical island near the Caribbean.

Officer David Eric Laine learns the truth about his father. Far from dying a hero in Vietnam, David's father Joel Cameron is alive and well in Bermuda. Together with his partner Chris, they travel to the island to meet him and his family. What was supposed to be a happy reunion and vacation ends up in tragedy and a nightmare that even David did not expect.

This book was quite heavy in the drama department because of the emotional rollercoaster ride that David and Chris experienced as a couple as they sought out the truth behind David's father's story. The confrontation scenes with David's mother and grandmother were wonderfully executed. I could feel the hate and tension oozing from the pages. These formidable women were well fleshed out and I could only feel sorry for David for having grown up surrounded by lies. His stepfather, though, was one of the endearing characters in the book. His genuine love and concern for his stepson counter balanced the venom that his wife and his mother-in-law spewed out.

Author P.A. Brown's Bermuda sounded so appealing. Despite the horrendously expensive cost of living out there, it still is a vacationer's true paradise. However, his exposure of corruption among law enforcers and the prison system and the unbelievable red tape chilled me to the bone. A tourist getting caught and imprisoned in Bermuda is like hell on earth unless one manages to seek the assistance of honest individuals.

Against this backdrop, newly married David and Chris find themselves clinging to each other for love and support. Chris' determination to do everything he can to save David was admirable. He braved the taunts of the locals and risked his life for his partner. David's sense of self-preservation and cop-honed instincts served him well throughout the story. Both of them are certainly blessed to have one another.

The climactic ending where man versus nature played out a fight to the finish was incredible and tension-filled. It was a relief that it ended well for all concerned.

BERMUDA HEAT is one of those novels that grips the reader from the first page to the last. Aside from the drama and little romance, there is a touch of mystery and suspense as well. Those who love reading about men in uniform and their colorful lives will surely find this a great read!
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