Caitlin's Choice

Kat Attalla
Caitlin's Choice

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Release Date
July 2014
Contemporary Romance

On the eve of a yearlong transfer to Singapore, fabric designer Caitlin Adams threw caution to the wind. Spending a soulful night in the arms of sexy Andrew Sinclair made her want to put hard-won cynicism aside and believe in dreams of a future together. Until she discovered Andrew had lied to her about their chance encounter. A year later, only her cherished baby's face was a reminder of the man she was still trying to forget. Falling for a spirited woman like Caitlin was the last thing hard-headed businessman Andrew Sinclair meant to do, especially after she'd stormed out of his hotel room before he could explain himself. Now she's back in The States, and he's determined to be a father to their child, even if it means filing a custody suit to get her attention. Desperate to avoid a legal battle, Caitlin's only choice is to agree to live in his house for six months-time enough for him to bond with his son. But Andrew is about to learn that love can't be negotiated unless he's willing to make his heart part of the bargain. "How stubborn can one woman be? In this case very stubborn.

Book Review by Robin Leigh Morgan (author,reviewer)
Nov 20, 2016
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What happens when a woman allows her heart to tell her what to do in regards to a rich Alpha male instead of her mind? She has to deal with all of the consequences of her actions.

This is what happens to hot-looking fashion designer Caitlin Adams, who prior to her yearlong transfer to Singapore decides forego all of her pessimism to have a night of unprotected sex with the rich desirable hunk Andrew Sinclair in order to achieve her dreams of a HEA with him. I feel that the reason she decided to allow him to do it without a condom is that she had a secret desire to become a mother and for Andrew to be the father. But as with the best laid plans of mice and men, hers goes awry when she learns he'd lied about the reason she's with him.

For Andrew's part, he never expected for Caitlin to have the profound affect she had on his life, after all he's supposed to be a non-sentimental businessman, but she did.

The only thing Caitlin has upon her return to the U.S. is her son, whose face now reminds her of the cad she's trying to forget. At the same time Andrew, learning she's back and now has a son who only could be his has only one thing on his mind; for everyone to be a family. He's so determined that he'll even seek legal means to gain her attention and his goal.

Meanwhile Caitlin knows she needs a place to stay and fearful of a possible legal ramifications with Andrew, leaves her with the only solution possible which is to move in with him for six months. Caitlin is reluctant, but she knows her son will need a father figure to look up to as he grows up. If he bonds with her son she might get the second chance HEA she secretly desires with Andrew, because if she doesn't she knows she'll have to explain why her son doesn't look like her husband. But merely having him bond with his son is not enough to seal any sort of relationship with Caitlin, Andrew must learn he needs to not only give her his body; he needs to his heart to her as well.

The interaction between these two characters is superb without the overly rampart sex scenes one might expect. The roller coaster multitude of emotions a reader experiences throughout the book adds to the enjoyment of the read.

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