Rescued by the Traveling Cowboy

Emma Morgan
Rescued by the Traveling Cowboy


Clean Christian Western Romance
Release Date
April 2016
Western Romance

Determined to marry for love and not duty, Mary Beth Simmons has escaped to the west as a mail order bride. Though she comes from a wealthy family, she is prepared for adventure and hard work. But she is not prepared to be robbed at gunpoint and almost killed on the road! Nor is she prepared for the handsome, and somewhat brash, Darius Smithton.

From train to stagecoach, Mary Beth finds herself coming more under the spell of Darius. Not only has he saved her life, he has captured her heart. But Mary Beth knows, she is promised to another. What will happen when she finally arrives at her destination, to meet the man she is to marry—but does not love?

Sometimes, rescues come about in the most unexpected ways.

Book Review by Robin Leigh Morgan (author,reviewer)
Nov 20, 2016
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Back in the day, especially in days of the Wild West; women, especially those who came from rich families never could marry for love, it was always for money. Not only was it for money, the money had to be someone from the right family.

Mary Beth Simmons, however has no intentions of marrying some guy she doesn't love just because it's her duty to her family to marry a proper rich man. Instead she decides to offer herself up as a mail order bride to a guy she's only met through a matrimonial newspaper.

After getting an acceptance letter from a guy in Pleasant View, Utah with a train ticket, etc., she replied with a confirmation letter that's she's coming. She told her decision to become a mail order to the angry dismay of her father, and left seeking the happiness she knew she'll never have staying in Philadelphia and marrying a rich guy with her family's approval.

Kismet has a way getting involved in romances without either party knowing what's happening. And for Mary Beth it was a cowboy by the name of Darius Smithton who helped with her trunk and had sat across the aisle from her on the train, heading for the same destination. This guy was there for her when the train got robbed. He was there again when there had been a mishap with the stagecoach they were on. All this time he had his eye on her as he knew he needed a woman to marry and help him take care of the ranch he was heading for, but he was gentleman enough not to say anything to Mary Beth.

When the stagecoach arrived at its destination she was expecting to find Henry Cooper waiting for her, but he wasn't there. Why? It turns out he got tired of waiting for Mary Beth to arrive, figuring she merely took his money without any intention of coming, so he married someone else.

Darius still there, had witnessed what had happened. Will he come to her aide again and ask Mary Beth to marry him? If she does, what will her parents say when she writes them to say what's been with her and that she's now marry? Will they accept what's happened? Will they invite her to visit them with her husband?

For giving her readers an endearing story of a mail order bride, I've given this book 5 STARS.
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