Seconds to Sunrise

Nico Rosso
Seconds to Sunrise
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Carina Press
Release Date
January 2017
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

She thought she'd lost everything… 

April Banks thought her website crashing was just a glitch. Starting the online forum for war widows has been the only thing keeping her together since her husband died, and she won't let anything interfere with her work. But this is no technical malfunction—cyberterrorists have targeted the information locked in April's website and they'll do anything to get it. Even if that means removing April. Permanently. 

He'll make them pay… 

Automatik gave former SAS agent James Sant a way to protect the innocent again. He thinks life in the shadows is all he deserves…until he meets his newest assignment. April is everything James has never let himself want and he knows she's already had too much heartbreak in her life to risk feeling for him. But keeping things professional while hunting the hackers with the gorgeous widow is going to be the hardest job he's ever taken on.  

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Dec 06, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This is one seriously great series!

After April Banks' website for the widows of soldiers was hacked, she's taken right back to the days of the darkness that engulfed her when her husband died. After she's saved from an attack by former British military Corporal James Sant, April has to quickly decide whether James is someone she can trust to keep her safe.

James and his organization Automatik have been keeping a close eye on April since they realized the scope of sophistication involved in her site's hacking. When he learns there's a hit out on her to get her to back off, James and April go on the run to try and stay one step ahead of the hackers. But these guys don't play nice…who's the hunter and who's the prey?

I can't even tell you how much I love the Black Ops: Automatik series by Mr. Rosso, and the third installment, Seconds to Sunrise, did not disappoint! The palpable chemistry between April and James was absolutely something to see. It was real and raw and, at times, heartbreaking. April was still broken inside from the death of her husband and the destruction of the website that helped her heal. James' past choices left a scar on his soul he never thought he would recover from.

Their first (and only) sex scene was über hot, but also so sad as April struggled with the memory of her husband and whether she should put herself out there for this man she barely knew. The storyline was fast paced, suspenseful and totally topical with all the hacking going on IRK these days. I loved every minute of this romantic suspense and can't wait for more!

Bottom Line: No OM/OW or sharing; condom use; no BDSM/kink; no sexual assault; violence/murder.
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