Driven to Distraction

Cassie Decker
Driven to Distraction
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
December 2016
LGBTQ, Western Romance

Cowboys Wyatt and Brady are competing in a team roping event in Missoula, Montana's annual Christmas Eve rodeo. Christmas is Wyatt's favorite time of year and nothing is going to dampen his holiday spirit, not even his surly, no-nonsense roping partner. They've only been riding together for a week, but Wyatt has already secretly fallen head-over-boot-heels for Brady, though it's painfully obvious Brady only has eyes for the rodeo's grand prize purse.

When Brady is distracted during a crucial moment in the night's first roping run and nearly disqualifies them, Wyatt is almost certain he is going to be another of Brady's many rejected partners. Will Wyatt and Brady be able to sort out their differences and work together to win the grand prize? Maybe if Wyatt can show Brady that Christmas really is a time for miracles.

Book Review by Ana (reviewer)
Dec 24, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Brady's distraction jeopardized his and Wyatt's possibility of winning the rodeo's grand prize. Now they have to work as a team to solve the reasons of their lack of attention on the competition.

Wyatt and Brady are new partners in the roping event at the rodeo. Wyatt feels very attracted to Brady, who seemed oblivious of his partner's lust. But a moment of distraction during the competition risks not only the possibility of winning the grand price, but also their continuity as partners.

I love rodeo, at least some parts of it, so I was very attracted by this story. I wasn't disappointed; it was really good. At the beginning I wasn't too impressed, as it felt a bit predictable. But near the half of it, the things started to get so much interesting. I ended up liking it a lot. The main characters were nice. We get to see Wyatt's point of view, which is a little odd, because I felt like I knew more about Brady at the end of the story than I did about Wyatt. There isn't too much Christmas in here, except the fact that Brady's reasons for disliking it, but in general the story was very nice and easy to enjoy.
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