Guardian Angels

Geneva Vand
Guardian Angels
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
December 2016
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

One snowy evening, a car wreck in front of his toy store triggers terrible memories for Jake. Suddenly, he is in the midst of another winter storm—and another accident, one that not everyone walked away from. When he returns to the present, Jake is on the ground, being watched over by a guardian angel in the form of a kind man named Eli. Eli is no stranger to panic attacks and PTSD, and he's happy to help Jake get home—where the weather forces him to remain for the night. For Jake, it could be the first step toward a life free from fear and loneliness.

Book Review by Ana (reviewer)
Jan 03, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Jake is trying to overcome trauma, and he is helped by a kind stranger who is there to give him a hand when he need it the most. But when his mind is away from his traumas, love starts to open its way to his heart.

A car wreck and a winter storm make Jake revive some old memories. But just when he's more in need of a helping hand, Eli comes his way. The stranger comes as the guardian angel he's needing, not only in the current situation, but to get away from the loneliness he's being facing lately.

GUARDIAN ANGELS is such a beautiful and uplifting story. Jake and Eli are lovely characters; their interaction felt like they have been together for years, it feels natural. Even though it addresses trauma issues, there is no angst here, and it doesn't take too much time letting the reader know what happened. It was all pure joy and happiness. There are some very cute scenes, love seems to be in the air on this story. It was a delight to read. Sure, it might be a little too predictable, but it was nice, very much enjoyable.
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