Dream Come True

DC Juris
Dream Come True
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Breathless Press
Release Date
August 2010
Book 1 of The Sky People Trilogy
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance

Driven by dreams of his soul mate Tristen, Jinsu steps through the portal to Earth, leaving all he has ever known behind. Little does he know that Tristan has had dreams too, but unlike Jinsu, Tristan doesn't believe in them. When they meet, will they both discover that dreams really can come true?

Book Review by DH Starr (author)
Apr 27, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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WARNING: This book contains references and minor occasions of incest. Is this offends, do not read on.

DREAM COME TRUE by DC Juris begins the first of three books that follow the journey of Tristen and Jinsu. In this book, book 1, we meet Tristen who has drawn a character for a cover of a friend's book. Something about the character calls to him; as if it's more than just a picture, something real. We then shift to Jinsu's point of view and learn that he too feels a connection to a man from his dreams. He confides in his twin brother, who also happens to be his lover, that he feels compelled to join this lover from his dreams and, begrudgingly, his brother helps him to travel through a portal to Earth, to Tristen.

Being a huge fan of fantasy and paranormal, I felt immediately drawn into the word Mr. Juris has created. I got a sense of the culture and beliefs of Juris's people and felt the power of the choice he had to make to decide to leave everything behind and go to Earth. Once he travelled through the portal, the emotions of fear, regret, excitement, longing, doubt all play out in believable ways.

When he seeks out Tristen, several events within the story seem to be a bit convenient, but given that this is a short story of only 28 pages, the plot was handled well. The immediacy of Tristen's acceptance that Juris was real could have been drawn out, but once they consummate their love, the heat is turned up and the sex is highly satisfying.

I finished the book wondering what would come next for these two destined lovers.
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