One Sexy Mistake

Sarah Ballance
One Sexy Mistake
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Entangled Publishing
Release Date
November 2016
Book 5 of Chase Brothers
Contemporary Romance

Olivia Patton's life just imploded. One night with sexy hacker Grady Donovan seems like the perfect, ego-soothing plan—until an epic snowstorm shuts down the city and thwarts her morning-after escape. Now the only walk-of-shame she'll be taking is right back to Grady's door.

Forced to actually talk, Grady and Olivia realize they can't stand each other. Forget another round in the bedroom—if it wasn't his apartment, she'd shove Grady outside to freeze. But with all the blistering sexual tension flying around, a second night with the hacker might be exactly what she needs...if they don't kill each other first.

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Dec 24, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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ONE SEXY MISTAKE is a short, very sexy romantic read. Perfect for the holiday season and beyond!

Grady has had it with relationships, after his nightmare of an ex-girlfriend. He took to Tinder to find a hook-up, which is all he needs. He didn't expect to find a girl as gorgeous as Olivia, who seem to be on the same page as him, i.e. wanting only a one-night stand. However, due to severe weather conditions, what should be a one-night stand turns into two nights and one day. Worse, he starts wanting more...

I absolutely love ONE SEXY MISTAKE--it's fun, sexy and romantic. When I first started reading, I was a bit uneasy, because...I guess I'm an old-fashioned girl. I also don't understand how anyone could have sex and yet not feel some sort of connection to the other party, as sex is kinda a very intimate thing and at the very basic level, a connection is being formed. I was glad that from the start, the author brought feelings into the story, and I enjoyed watching how Olivia and Grady fell for each other, despite their personal misgivings.

Olivia and Grady are great characters--sympathetic, relatable, totally believable in their motivations. Both characters underwent growth throughout the course of the story, and for Olivia, it's the realization that grand gestures "don't mean anything if they're not from the right person. And the right person, it seems, is going to be right whether or not he believes in grand gestures."

Because that's Grady, who's a self-professed non-romantic, but I find him very romantic! I mean, what could be more romantic than a guy who cares for you in the little ways--like bringing you a blanket without being asked (because it was cold), getting your sock from the terrifying cat, doing things for you that he normally wouldn't do just because he knows you'd love it and it's important to you. And what could be more sexy than a nerd? So, Grady--totally book boyfriend material!

Also, the grand gesture that he did for Olivia, because he knew she'd love it, totally won me over. And what he said--love it!

"I want to be that guy...The right guy. And I want a relationship with you. I want strings. And I promise it'll be amazing, if you'll give me a chance. I have no idea where this might go, but I'm willing to do anything to find out."

ONE SEXY MISTAKE is the fifth book in the Chase Brothers series, but it's a standalone and perfectly okay to read this without reading the previous books. However, don't make a mistake (see what I did there?) and miss out on this! Pick this up today! Must read!
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