Follow His Heart

DC Juris
Follow His Heart
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Breathless Press
Release Date
March 2011
Book 3 of The Sky People Trilogy
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance

Tristan awakens on Torottu, but Jinsu has no memory of him. His only chance to win Jinsu back is to follow his heart.

Tristan awakens on Torottu, but the portal wasn't meant for humans, and he's been near death since his arrival almost ten months ago. That's okay, though, because now that he's awake, he and Jinsu can start their life together.

The problem? Jinsu has no idea who Tristan is—the return trip through the portal erased his memory of Earth, of their relationship, even Tristan himself. Winning Jinsu's heart again won't be easy, especially if Kelan, Jinsu's twin, has anything to say about it.

Kelan loves Jinsu, too, and he won't be put aside for Tristan. Not again.

Tristan knows his only chance for happiness—and the only chance for Jinsu and Kelan—is to follow his heart.

Book Review by DH Starr (author)
Apr 27, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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WARNING: This book contains references and explicit occasions of incest. If this offends, do not read on.

FOLLOW HIS HEART by DC Juris is the third installment of The Sky People Trilogy. I must say it's been quite a while since I've read a series where each book truly captivated me on its own, and made me need…not want…need to read on. I think one of the things that made this the case for these three books is that each one, while a complete story, left the reader hanging on the edge of their seat, wondering what might happen next for Tristan and Jinsu.

This final book seems to pick up where the second book, The Door Under the Bridge left off. It's only once Tristan wakes up and faces the emperor of the Sky People that we realize 10 months have actually passed and that Tristan has been healing from the passage through the portal. We also learn that a side effect of passing through the portal for sky people is that they remember nothing of their journey to Earth.

Without his lover, Tristan is faced with a life of solitude, but he believes in the love he and Jinsu share and knows in his heart that Jinsu will remember him. Throughout this story, Mr. Juris carries us on an emotional and fret-filled journey. While Tristan tries to gain time with Jinsu so he can spark memories of their love, Kelan, Jinsu's twin-brother and lover, is doing everything he can to thwart Tristan's efforts and to keep Jinsu in the dark.

As the story unfolds, the emotions of love, loss, hope, frustration, and ultimately understanding, are masterfully woven together in a tale that is tender and heart-rending. Aside from the tension, conflict, and the believability of the emotions, I also enjoyed how Mr. Juris managed to end the trilogy on a happy, but not sappy note. Instead of bringing everything together in a pretty little everything-in-its-place package, he managed to bring about a satisfactory ending that is at once a fantastic culmination to the trilogy and believable in terms of what the characters would normally do in a real-life situation (well, as real to life as a fantasy/paranormal erotic romance can be).

The bottom line is that this book doesn't attempt to force character feelings in convenient directions. Rather, he has depicted each character and their reactions in a way that gives us our happily ever after but also seems like something we could potentially see play out in real life. These three books were a joy to read and highly recommended.
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