Emily's Wish

Cheryl Phipps
Emily's Wish
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Cheryl Phipps
Release Date
December 2016
Book 4 of Prossers Bay
Contemporary Romance

Sometimes a wish comes true. Sometimes more than one.
As an author with a great imagination, Emily Richards has the ability to write great stories about love, even if she's never experienced it. She's looking for her birth mother in a small town where everyone wants to know her business, and joining the fray is a surfer who's far too enticing. With her wish about to come true, Mason unlocks to door to things she never imagined, and challenges everything she knows about herself.
Mason Anderson has friends and a job he's passionate about. That was all he thought he needed. Until gorgeous Emily arrives his town. As a therapist, Mason knows it's out of his realm to try to ‘fix' someone but, even with a chip on her shoulder, Emily's hot look and awkward social skills melt his resistance faster than he can rebuild it.

Book Review by Caitlyn Lynch (author,reviewer)
Feb 02, 2017   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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It's always nice to find a book written by an Australian or New Zealand author, and even more so when the story is actually set here. Cheryl Phipps' Prossers Bay series is set in a small seaside New Zealand town where everyone knows everybody else's business.

Prossers Bay is a nightmare for someone like Emily, a very private person who doesn't interact with or like other people very much. I have to admit I struggled to empathize with Emily and I didn't quite buy into the romance between her and Mason... I didn't really see what drew Mason to her apart from her looks, and yet he doesn't come across as a shallow character at all.

This is a short book at 106 pages, and the romance in it felt a little rushed. We jumped very quickly from Mason and Emily agreeing that they were hooking up no strings attached, to a declaration of love. I feel like the story needed fleshing out in the middle to fill in the missing parts of their romance.

Despite that quibble, I really rather enjoyed the book. Prossers Bay felt very real to me, the scene beautifully described by the author's descriptive command of language. I'll give it four stars, but I do wish it had been longer.
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