Through His Looking Glass of Desire

Cassandre Dayne
Through His Looking Glass of Desire


Rebel Ink Press
Release Date
October 2011
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Raven Harrington had a terrible feeling her marriage was over. Her gorgeous husband had no interest in being friends any longer, let alone relishing in the passion they used to share. For years they had been the wild and kinky couple. Into S & M, sinful locations and naughty sessions of voyeurism that had almost landed them behind bars, it seemed every day they explored a wicked erotic act. Sadly, when Josh made partner at his law firm, everything changed. As they stopped sharing their thoughts and feelings, they hadn't been intimate in months. She was determined to kick start their marriage and their sex life before it was too late. Developing a shamless plan, she threw caution to the wind.

Donning fiery red underwear, a trench coat and leopard print stilettos; she made her way to his office to give him a piece of her body. Shocked but intrigued, the sexy blowjob under his desk while the office came and went sent his body into overdrive. When his two colleagues witnessed their shameless act, their savage desires exploded. Unfortunately Raven experienced a shocking revelation. Devastated, she almost pulled the plug. Unknowing, Josh was ready to give her more and developed a nefarious plan of his own. His saucy little scheme involved everything she had fantasized about and thought was lost. Their intense cravings took them to a molten edge of passion and both questioned the future. Standing in the way was the truth and neither knew if their love or their marriage could survive.


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