Dark Wolf Protector

Rhiannon Ellis
Dark Wolf Protector
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Cobblestone Press, LLC
Release Date
March 2011
Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Animal rescuer, Jaci Waters, has her hands full when a rogue wolf invades her small, backwoods town of Tall Oaks, Alabama. Her goal is to not only protect her neighbors and fellow townsfolk, but to capture and relocate the trouble-making canine who's worn out his welcome. Little does she know, the wolf is more than meets the eye. He's here, in Tall Oaks, for Jaci. But he's not the only one...

Dolton Freye has come to the speck-sized town with one goal in mind: kill the blood-thirsty bastard who's stalking and out to get the woman he's sworn to protect.

Book Review by Sueroe (author)
Apr 27, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Rhiannon Ellis is one of those enviable authors who can pack a full-length novel into eighty pages: there's not a superfluous word anywhere in this delectable story, which is a rollicking read.

Animal protector Jaci Waters from Tall Oaks is an active member of the local community and highly respected by all, including the local trailer-park community, The Pride (that should give you a hint). A rabid wolf is on the prowl. It's already killed once and The Pride is out for its blood but Jaci is trying her best to persuade them to merely capture it. She even has a go at doing it for herself and is about to get her throat ripped out when wolf-expert, Dolton Freye, rescues her just in time.

The attraction between the two is immediate, but little does Jaci know that Dolton is a handsome were-wolf (as well as a va-va-vroom hunky human). And little does Dolton know what Jaci is!

The characters come alive from the first page and I found myself rooting for them immediately. If Dolton isn't exactly as he seems, neither is Jaci – but there're no spoilers here, suffice to say The Pride is in for a shock. The attraction and passion between these two main characters is tangible, in fact all my senses were touched by the author's atmospheric, thrilling story.

The enormous undercurrent is neatly handled and tied up, the pacing neither too fast nor too slow – her rhythm is second to none. I was eagerly turning the pages right to the last to find out the Big Secret and whether anyone would survive in the end. It really is a delightful read which I completed in one go, only coming up for air at the end.
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